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American Airlines is Done Painting Planes

Dec 31 2017

American Airlines is done painting planes — updating the old bare metal legacy American Airlines livery, and repainting US Airways planes to say American. MD80s, slated for retirement, haven’t been painted.

The livery was hugely controversial, many customers, critics and employees didn’t like it. With the merger they’d be repainting even more planes, adding 299 legacy US Airways aircraft to the project. At the time it was an open question whether they’d keep the new livery that American rolled out before the merger.

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Settling the American Airlines Flagship Dining Tipping Debate Once and For All

fancy food
Dec 30 2017

Shortly after writing a review of the new American Airlines Flagship First Dining in Los Angeles, Lucky at One Mile at a Time wrote a post with advice on tipping in the lounge.

You’re eating restaurant-quality food and receiving very personalized service. There’s a bartender and there are servers and most of the time in Flagship First Dining you’ll be the only one there being taken care of.

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Southwest Kicks Family Off Flight When Passengers Think Daughter Has Lice

Dec 30 2017

Southwest refused to take a family to Disney World yesterday after other passengers in the gate area suspected that their 6 year old daughter might have lice.

The family says she just had a very dry scalp from the cold Chicago winter. They’re being allowed to fly today suggesting Southwest doesn’t have an actual concern, and kicked them off purely out of fear.

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