The Worst DEPLANING Passenger Ever and a Landing So Hard That Shoulders Hurt

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  1. Wow, only took 2 comments to turn into a political fight.

    Please, Hubert, how do we know who this guy voted for?

  2. @Hubert
    Your Trump Derangement Syndrome is showing. Please go and buy crayons and coloring book. find a nice cave to live in for the next 8 years. Thanks for being an intolerant progressive liberal

  3. @pcpeeps the profiling (or whatever you may call) rears its ugly head. The mold of a trump supporter that the media perpetuates is all one knows.

    I am female, immigrant, business owner who initially supported him and now am on the fence. So much for the “mold”.

  4. Yeah, obvious Trump supporter. They are so ignorant they’d allow themselves and all their friends to be conned by a transparent carnival barker, then take away their health care, hand the rest of the middle class wealth over to the rich, next steal their Medicare, SocSec and all consumer protections, just to get their racist, morbidly obese prejudices off.

    After Bush the schools in our allied countries like Spain, UK, Australia, Japan and many others started teaching their kids in schools about the civilization-destroying American redneck – easily the stupidest creature on the planet and greatest threat to world peace. They want them to know how easily a great country could be ruined by stupid being allowed to run rampant, fanned by talk radio and a cable “news” network phonied up by Nixon tricksters.

    Even if the unengaged third wakes up to take save the country in time, it’s still too late because they’ve planted the farthest rightwing extremists on earth throughout the Federal judiciary – part of a plan they were scheming up 30 years ago at Young Republican conferences.

  5. Without doubt an immature rude person who should not be allowed out in public without close supervision . No more flying on airlines either .

  6. How this devolved into a political discussion is beyond me. If the mouth and actions are the hallmark of a typical “MAGA” voter you are way off the mark. I voted for Trump and support his agenda and I am Princeton ‘64. BTW, I don’t have a ponytail nor do I have any tats

  7. Well the idiot pusher is definitely exhibiting “white privilege”. Red neck is an understatement! As far as the diaper in the pocket. I look in those seat pockets before touching anything in it. I also wipe the tray table, entertainment remotes, and all the other seat controls with Chlorox wipes. People are slobs. Even more affluent ones are slobs!

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