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Marriott IT Failures Cost Them Money, Force Them to Blame the Customer

outside marriott hotel
Jun 30 2018

Marriott is apparently cracking down on people booking hotels that haven’t yet opened — speculatively, hoping for compensation when the opening date inevitably delays — and in particular warning people trying to do this while using credit cards “that will not authorize the forfeiture amount.”

Rather than temporarily disabling customer accounts, Marriott needs to fix its IT and better manage construction projects.

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Delta Raises Roundtrip Europe Business Awards to 164,000 Miles

black and white photo plane
Jun 29 2018

Last month I asked why people still collect SkyMiles. There has to be some limit to how much programs can devalue their currency.

Truly the only reason I care what Delta charges for awards is because other airline executives think people at Delta are smarter, and blindly copy what Delta does. And because higher Delta pricing may make those executives feel they have headroom in their own award pricing.

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Passengers Kicked Off Delta After Woman Sasses Crew Who Insisted She Put Phone in Airplane Mode

delta plane
Jun 28 2018

Four passengers were kicked off of Saturday’s Delta flight DL4527 from Fort Wayne to Atlanta as a result of a flight attendant and passenger arguing over putting a cell phone into airplane mode.

Since the ban on use of electronic devices during taxi and takeoff was lifted, passengers are still supposed to have devices in airplane mode (non-transmitting) once the doors of the aircraft are closed. However this is almost never enforced at all, and certainly not systematically, on the hundreds of flights I take in the U.S.

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