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Passengers Accidentally Skip Immigration at O’Hare, Government Tells Them No Worries Just Go Home

passport getting stamped
May 31 2019

Passengers off of flight AY9 “walked to an exit, and followed a TSA Agent through the door leading outside.” One passenger reports realizing the mistake and finding “he went to an agent in the Customs and Border Control (CBP) office [who] told him to not worry and “just go ahead.”

CBP blames Finnair because “it’s up to the airlines to make sure passengers go from an arrival gate to customs” while TSA “says it’s CBP’s responsibility.”

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Capital One Reveals Air France KLM June Promo Awards and 20% Miles Transfer Bonus

air france plane
May 31 2019

Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card and Capital One® Spark® Miles for Business cardholders gained the ability to transfer to airline frequent flyer miles late last year.

At the time Capital One shared they’d be adding airline points transfer partners. And when they ran an Emirates miles transfer bonus in March they shared that there would be more transfer bonuses to come. They added JetBlue as a transfer partner, and highlighted it with a transfer bonus in May.

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What’s the Best Business Class for Sleeping?

airplane bed
May 31 2019

Ultimately Qatar’s QSuite isn’t going to be beat by anyone, and it comes with top notch catering and service. An admittedly unpopular opinion but after that I’d probably take EVA Air (Air Canada and Virgin Australia fall into this same grouping). The Japan Airlines Apex Suite window seat is a great seat, and you don’t have a foot well boxing in your sleep style, but as a side sleeper I prefer EVA.

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Thai Airways Plans to Sell Frozen Thai Food So You Can Eat at Home Just Like You Do in the Air

frozen food
May 30 2019

Thai Airways is planning to sell frozen Thai food to consumers mostly under the Royal Orchid Gourmet brand, “new ready-made sauces, basil stir fries and pad Thai via the Eurng Luang brand to the market.”

One of the biggest things I gave up moving from the Washington DC area to Austin is good Thai food like Elephant Jumps in Merrifield and Kao Sarn in the Eden Center. I’m not sure I’d resort to Thai Airways Royal Orchid Gourmet frozen meals, at least unless they offered Thai’s duck rick soup.

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