4 Months Of Free Hyatt And American Airlines Status, And A Shot At Top Tier Elite

American AAdvantage and World of Hyatt have a useful partnership that allows American status members to earn 1 AAdvantage mile per dollar spent with Hyatt, and Hyatt elites to earn 1 Hyatt point per dollar spent on American flights. In addition they offer regular status challenges to each others’ members. Members need to link their accounts.

The latest status opportunity for American Airlines elites with Hyatt ends Wednesday. There’s a new opportunity for Hyatt elites with American.

American Airlines Status For Hyatt Elites

American’s new elite status challenges are called Instant Status Pass and can be pretty complicated. There’s free status challenge being offered to Hyatt elites right now.

  • Hyatt Explorist and Globalist link their Hyatt and AAdvantage accounts by December 12 (if they haven’t already) register for the status offer by December 28, 2022.

  • Receive 4 months of status, engage with the AAdvantage program to keep the status or upgrade.

  • Explorists get 4 months of Platinum (earn at least 25,000 Loyalty Points to keep it)

  • Globalists get 4 months of Platinum Pro (earn at least 42,000 Loyalty Points to keep it)

  • Earn at least 67,000 Loyalty Points in the first four months and receive Executive Platinum status

Under the new Instant Status Pass program you need to keep earning during your second four months to keep status for the next four as well.

Registration will be in the promotions tab of AAdvantage accounts on the American Airlines website.

Hyatt Status For American Airlines Elites

American Airlines status members still have until Wednesday, November 30 to sign up for a Hyatt status challenge, with temporary Explorist status and a fast track to keep it (and for Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro to earn top tier Globalist status).

  • Staying 10 qualifying nights in 90 days to keep Explorist through February 2024
  • Stay 20 qualifying nights to earn Globalist through February 2024 (Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro only)

Already American Airlines ConciergeKey members receive complimentary Hyatt Globalist.

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  1. @FNT Delta Diamond—
    I’ve gotten upgrades from economy to business class on 50-60% of my flights this year. Plus I get first-class lounge access overseas with OneWorld Emerald status that comes with PlatPro. Also you get 80% more in earned miles. It’s way better than Platinum.

  2. Hi Gary, do you know if current Globalist members can register to requalify w the lower 20 night requirements?

  3. With lifetime AA Platinum life was good.
    Then the Clowns at AA introduced the “wonderful” Platinum Pro which pretty much destroyed Platinum. Although I fly AA from time to time, I avoid them if I can because they stabbed me in the back.

  4. Gary,

    How long does it take to actually get the benefits? i.e. I just signed up for this. I was gold but I matched and although in the special section it says platinum pro for 4 months, my status on AAdvantage top section still says Gold. I tried to upgrade my seats for an upcoming flight I have later this week but it’s still asking me to pay.

    How long will it take AA to recognize my Platinum Pro status and let me pick a seat without paying?

  5. I linked my AA number on the Hyatt site, as I am Explorist currently. I don’t know what to do or where I need to go on the AA side to get the Platinum status. Anyone know?

  6. Same question as @ORD Flyer. I’m a Hyatt Globalist and only an AA Gold. How do I actually upgrade my AA status to Platinum Pro?

  7. Is status good for 4 months from the date of match, or do they all expire on a fixed date? If the former, maybe makes sense to wait into late December, unless you have current travel.

    Also what’s the quickest/cheapest/easiest way to earn AA EQP? Charge $25k on credit card?

  8. Very frustrating for those of us who are current AA elites. I’m a Globalist but do not see the offer in my promotions (although I do see the opportunity to “Enjoy World of Hyatt Explorist” status!), likely because I currently am an elite but have made almost no progress to renew. So, I can earn 200K LP to qualify for EP, but Globalists with no current AA status can do it with 67K? Well played, AA, well played. There’s a reason I am not renewing my status for the first time in a decade…

  9. Would be nice if this partnership wasn’t so one-sided . I get that some globalist received a targeted offer to a status challenge but how about offering to all globalist?

  10. Gary,
    Im confused, “Earn at least 67,000 Loyalty Points in the first four months and receive Executive Platinum status” do i need to do this spend each 4 months? or if i spend 67k on my card i am Executive Platinum for the year?
    Thank you!

  11. Does anybody know if this is a targeted promotion? I’ve linked my accounts but don’t have the Instant Status Pass in my offers.

  12. Do miles earned beyond 42k in a given 4 month period roll over to the following 4 month period?

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