Woman Sues My Favorite Airport Restaurant and the Importance of Predeparture Beverages

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  1. Hey Gary, dumb question I’ve always wondered about. Now that I’m a newly minted gold with American, it’s no longer academic. If an elite is upgraded to first, do they board with first or with gold?

  2. Cool, thanks Ben. I actually (rather embarrassingly) called the AAdvantage desk and asked. They said the same – however I wasn’t inspired with confidence as the guy first said, “Well, Gold boards before first, right?” Hehe

    It makes sense though – and I have more confidence in your response than the AA guy. 🙂

  3. Sorry to disappoint you Dave, but your new Gold status will not necessarily mean you will be in First, at least not via coupon upgrades. The only way Gold’s typically fly First these days is if you pay for F.

  4. Well, so far so good. My first roundtrip as gold, 3 out of 4 segments were upgraded. From what I’ve read, it is highly route dependent on whether you get it or not.

    My route this time was TUL-DFW-SLC. The TUL end of that is under 500 miles so I even got the complementary upgrade on the return.

    Even if my batting average drops, I’m still very glad to get the MCE seats free at check-in.

    “No middle, ever again!,” is my battle cry! 😉

  5. I haven’t flown internationally in years so was surprised watching that video that packaged salami, ham, and “beef candy” (whatever that is) get confiscated. Could you write an article for us green flyers who don’t know the rules for customs, what sort of thing is prohibited and especially those things that people wouldn’t expect like salami. I am sure I would find out upon reentry, but that is too late if I have already bought expensive goods that need to be tossed.

  6. The US customs website has more info on this, here it is for food type items: http://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/agricultural-items

    But generally anything meat (or might be meat) is prohibited, as well as fresh fruits/vegetables. Generall no problems with processed foods like snacks and candy (except for meat candy it seems!). Some cheese is ok, but it depends on the type (hard usually ok, soft no). Etc.

    Best to check the site first, and definitely declare it.

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