5 Reasons The Trump Administration’s Ban On Global Entry For New Yorkers Is Bad Policy

In December New York State law began allowing undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses and stopped sharing applicant information with immigration enforcement agencies.

Wednesday evening the Trump administration provided a copy of a letter sent to New York State officials to Fox News, and the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security went on the Tucker Carlson program announcing that because New York passed this law, “New York residents are no longer eligible to enroll in these Trusted Traveler Programs” including Global Entry.

Currently-enrolled New Yorkers will be able to continue to use Global Entry, but not to renew it. Global Entry is how many travelers obtain TSA PreCheck.

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Acting Secretary Wolf remarked that access to New York’s DMV database is relied upon heavily in Immigration and Customs Enforcement in making arrests and drug seizures. and Trusted Traveler Programs use DMV data as part of their identity verification process. New Yorkers will still, apparently, be allowed to separately sign up for PreCheck but will not be able to use PreCheck if obtaining access via Global Entry, SENTRI, or NEXUS.

There are 5 reasons I’m highly concerned and skeptical of this new policy.

  1. Trusted Traveler programs have been able to continue to process New York residents successfully since New York’s new drivers license law went into effect, undermining the suggestion that it’s not possible for these programs to verify traveler identities.

  2. Continuing to allow New York residents to sign up for PreCheck on its own further suggests that the DMV law doesn’t preclude identity verification by Trusted Traveler programs.

  3. The fact that the new policy was announced by providing memos and an exclusive interview to Tucker Carlson suggests it’s political, designed to send a message, and aimed at the President’s base in an election year (‘owning the libs’).

  4. The Trump administration announced the policy on Fox News before even informing Customs and Border Protection of the change.

  5. It’s aimed squarely at citizens residing in New York in retribution for laws passed by its elected officials. The President expects to lose his home state of New York in the fall election regardless, so the move appears to come at low political cost.

For those who would argue that making American citizens take off their shoes in airports is somehow justified by immigration policy concerns, would this even be an issue if the President had succeeded in building a wall and making Mexico pay for it?

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  1. BB-

    I once had a wealthy fellow tell me he could buy a condo in Tahoe, and claim Nevada tax residency if he spent 10 days a year there. He was a wrong, and so are you.

    Gary is correct. Oh, and I am a tax accountant, with an advanced degree in tax law.

  2. Your TDS is showing.

    Congratulations. I will never give VFTW another CC referral.

    Keep politics out of our hobby.

  3. @Pete – I just don’t think I’m the one bringing politics to bear on travel, with a new policy to deny global entry applications and renewals to new york residents. If only it were so easy as ignoring the story here and the politics goes away!

  4. @NPS said “25+ years supporting the Republican Party and they lost me in 2016”. I categorize this statement under the category why do liberals have to lie all the time.

    Trump has a whopping 94% approval in the Republican Party according to polls.

  5. This is a BS move against the citizens of a state which exposed the Trump U and Trump “charity” scams and made him pay.

  6. I heard a good one recently.

    Where do you go to be protected from Trump Derangement Syndrome Zombies?
    The Living Room. Har Har Har.

    I am like a late night talk show host for Conservatives.

  7. Awesome! So when Democrats are in power and use the full power of government to play politics it’s a good thing, let’s see thinking IRS and conservative charity groups. So great to see Trump use those same powers for great effect. So cunning that it makes people like me respect him even more!!!

  8. How did I know that honest reporting would be attacked by forever trumpers… They can cry all they want but doesn’t change the facts here. Bad policy, all good points.

  9. @Sam

    You need to get your money back from Phoenix university then as well as learn how to read. I didn’t say he wouldn’t pay any tax. I alluded he wouldn’t to him not being considered a NYS resident if his days were limited in NYS. He’d still be subject to a nonresident tax under allocation and apportionment. Oh wait, I do know tax! You can get your lips off G’s rear now.

  10. 1″Trusted Traveler programs have been able to continue to process New York residents successfully since New York’s new drivers license law went into effect, undermining the suggestion that it’s not possible for these programs to verify traveler identities.”

    How do you know it was successfully done? There could be gaping holes without the DMV, that were allowed to get through.

    2. “Continuing to allow New York residents to sign up for PreCheck on its own further suggests that the DMV law doesn’t preclude identity verification by Trusted Traveler programs.”

    Global Entry must have stricter standards. So it makes sense, as they stated, people can still get PreCheck but not through the Global Entry process.

    The whole point is New York is not allowing access to DMV records, and these records are part of what is used for Global Entry.

    So, then the Administration has 2 choices,
    1. Allow people from New York to have access to these programs without as much scrutiny
    2. Not allow them to have access to the programs.

    Which do you prefer? I don’t know why New York should get special privileges.

  11. What is bad policy is allowing those here illegally to be legitimized with a driver’s license. Hey liberals, if you don’t like a law, work to get people to agree with you so the law is changed. But no, liberals just selectively choose which laws they want to follow, then go find one activist judge to block any attempt to stop their lawlessness. Dems are the party of chaos, it needs to stop.

    Bravo to the feds. You don’t want to cooperate with us? Ok we won’t cooperate with you. It’s not a one way street.

  12. Well I think it is bad policy to for any state to perpetuate illegal immigration and all the funding by the US taxpayers that comes from these types of liberal policies.

  13. One can claim Trump is bad but the solution is black and white.

    Article: Acting Secretary Wolf remarked that access to New York’s DMV database is relied upon heavily in Immigration and Customs Enforcement in making arrests and drug seizures. and Trusted Traveler Programs use DMV data as part of their identity verification process.

    The solution is the the NY DMV to simply provide access to this reasonable information. If they do, then Trump is the problem. If they don’t, NYS is the problem.

  14. Obviously the trumpers here don’t live in New York. As a Global Entry Card holder, and a regular American, if I lived in New York and traveled internationally, my head would explode every time I had to wait on those obscenely long customs lines. It is wrong and unAmerican to punish and take revenge on innocent people because they don’t buy your brand of politics.

  15. FlyingBoat, so then the Trump Admin is “weak on ID” for clearing people into GE without being “strong on ID”. 😉

    The insecure Trump Admin and its desperate game of trying to act strong like a bully. The best way to deal with a bully is to isolate the bully by showing unity against the bully. But the insecure, hypocritical snowflakes who cheerlead for Trump aren’t opposed to bullying, they are fans of the lame excuse for a
    man that was born in 1946, is registered to vote around Palm Beach, FL, but lives in DC when he’s not spending 20+% of his days golfing or at one of his affiliated properties and running up the US taxpayers tab while funneling money toward his own pockets. Putin must be laughing at how his comrade Trump is a poor version of him. 😉

  16. Mobile Passport Control works well enough at a variety of US airports of entry, for US and Canadian citizens. That is what I would use when not using GE:

  17. The real problem is the legitimization of illegal immigration which New York seems oh-so-willing to embrace and spend its tax dollars, not on its citizens, but on people that come here illegally. I will never understand this. So if the federal government decides to play hardball with these states that want to die on the sword of illegal immigration, too bad.

  18. Well you reap what you sew. You have a government that was elected by the people so untimely the people are responsible for what the government does, so if you don’t want the wrath of the government down on you don’t do thinks that violate Federal law

  19. WR2 and Karen have written the most sensible posts on this thread. Those who disagree are, unfortunately, idiots.

  20. Whole lot of GED’s in law commenting here today. What exactly does drug interdiction efforts have to do with Global Entry? GE is administered by an entirely different division of the DHS (CBP vs.ICE). If you need to find out about criminal activities, you run the FD-258 and get a history based on the applicant’s fingerprints. This is a bunch of whiny babies lashing out at the people they don’t like.

  21. I was reading the article and trying to figure out which of the 5 points if any are bad policy. It seems that #1 may be bad policy if true, but 2-5 are just reasons Gary doesn’t like them.

    In truth I suspect few if any illegals are looking to get Global Entry.

  22. 5 reasons this blog is shit:
    -Gary is fat.
    -Gary is a buffoon
    -Gary is an idiot
    -Gary spreads hate
    -Gary loves division

  23. NO, it isn’t bad policy. It’s GOOD policy. New York will now change its law after enough complaints to legislators are received…..

  24. Haha to the NYorkers! They get what they deserve for electing a deranged state government. Besides, it keeps the rest of us flying safer.

  25. How can anyone argue that not properly identifying people and giving them driver’s licenses and Global Entry is GOOD policy?

    TDS runs so deep that the Libs defend eliminating terrorists like Soleimani, look the other way at sex predators like Weinstein and Epstein and believe that that Hunter Biden is great for getting paid by Burisma but asking questions about why is totally off limits.

  26. America elected a deranged head of federal government.

    Hopefully, Florida doesn’t do its whacky thing again in November, but whacky Florida people are always in the news, and that includes the current US President who will vote in Florida while getting ready to gut Medicare, Medicaid and SocialSecurity benefit programs for the many people on such programs in Florida, many of whom voted for Trump before and will again. Talk about crazy Floridians.

  27. What Do Dinosaurs And Intelligent Liberals Have In Common?

    Both are extinct. Har Har Har Isn’t that funny.

  28. Q: What is black, white & dead all over?
    A: A Trump Derangement Zombie in a TUXEDO!

    Real life matches that joke: I was in my Tuxedo on New Years Eve, in a bathroom trying to take a piss. This lefty fossil in a Tuxedo takes is taking a piss next to me. I said Happy New Year, he went on a rant about how it would be a good year if it were not for Trump. He had no idea what my politics were. No kidding that happened.

  29. @GUWonder: “gut Medicare, Medicaid and SocialSecurity”. Scaring seniors about Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security is one of the OLDEST tricks in the Democratic playbook. They have been lying about that since before Reagan. And you are lying (or maybe the New York Times is lying and your are repeating it like a parrot) if you say Trump said he was going to gut the programs. He has never said that.

    On the other hand, Obama raided that social security and medicare funds to fund Obama care. You probably were not even alive back then.

    Then again Zombies are too stupid to know when someone is gas lighting them. Silly me, Zombies are to dumb to even know what gas lighting is.

  30. Trump says many things and lies to people so often that he is the biggest liar most people will ever know about.

    But one thing is for sure: with or without his lies and obfuscation, the Trump 2017 tax plan will work out as a way to take money out of the social benefits programs he mocks as being for losers that made the wrong choices: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

  31. Why did the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) zombies tip-toe past medicine cabinets?
    So they don’t wake up the sleeping pills.
    Har Har Har.

    @GUWonder. The Paul Ryan 2017 tax bill was done under Reconciliation, which means they had to find a revenue stream to replace each revenue stream removed. Tax revenues actually went up after the tax plan. Go look at the actual government books (rather than rely on Fake News CNN). Had Chucky Schumer lifted his little finger, rather than being in the resistance mode, then the Tax bill would not have to have been done under Reconciliation and tax deductions on state and local not been capped. This irresponsibly by the minority leader is devastating for high tax states and cities like New York State and New York City. Even today,. I am willing to bet that if Chucky crossed the aisle, and worked with Trump, a deal with regards to that cap could still be worked out. Trump always wants to make a deal. However, in my opinion, Chucky would rather have the issue than work towards a solution which would be good for New York State and New York City. Disgusting.

    What does a dog hear when you are talking to them? I love my Bichon Einstein because he is so smart. In fact, I am able to talk to him about tax policy, and he is able to intelligently answer. In fact, he clearly has a much higher IQ than most TDS Zombies. What do TDS Zombies hear when I talk to them about Tax bills. They hear (Hi GuWonder) Wooof. Wooof. WOOOF.

    Har Har Har. I am hilarious.

  32. Surprise surprise – the RATS (RAcist Trump Supporters) are out in full force

    Congrats – your leader is now and forever a racist, cheating, lying d-bag who keeps lying to his base, who is in turn too dumb to realize they are getting conned

  33. @UA-NYC (AKA. the Manhattan Waterbug), I have been putting a lot of thought into your background. I cannot figure out how you got to be a Waterbug. Maybe your mother was fooling around with a Waterbug, how perverted is that, and then 9 months later you were born. Probably this birth happened in a dark alley, because she was ashamed to have spanned such a creature. Then most likely, she tossed you out with the trash. No wonder Mr. Waterbug are such a creep. I think next time, you will be incarnated at a worm.

  34. “5 Reasons The Trump Administration’s Ban On Global Entry For New Yorkers Is Bad Policy”

    It’s also clownishly illegal and obviously will be declared unconstitutional in court. But then again the past 24 hours made clear it’s amateur hour now that orange marmalade man can go full autocrat with no further controls on his bizarre ego

  35. OJS, your mentioned sexual fantasies are quite perverted and speak to just you being you.

    Your denial about the longer term implications of the 2017 Trump tax act are telling in your attempt to re-assign Trump’s signature tax act as not being Trump’s doing despite his hugging and “admiring” the 2017 tax act like he hugs and “admires” his daughter Ivanka.

  36. Trump administration claims have proven to be false time and time again. This is no exception. Those cheering him on could care less about his lies. Trump derangement syndrome is the condition afflicting Trump supporters.

    Before the courts toss out Trump’s latest bully move, people should get Mobile Passport for immigration and TSAPre for security. This move doesn’t affect TSAPre. Mobile Passport is free, there is no interview, and it’s faster than Global anyway because there is no kiosk.


  37. Let the mad NY lefties line up with the rest of us and see how they like it, that’ll teach the loonies to flout Federal Laws, what a joke sanctuary cities are

  38. New York is handing out DL’s to illegal aliens so neither you or Homeland Security has any idea who they are. They also refuse to honor ICE retainers for alien criminals, but hey, they will honor another states retainer for an American criminal so go figure.

    I think it’s great

  39. OJS is the same person who also claimed that Patrick Mahomes was a “white quarterback”. White nationalism at its finest.

  40. Trump is just angry because NY exposed his scam charities and his fraud University and all his property tax scams. But of course people who suffer from TWS (Trump Worship Syndrome) excuse all criminality and corruption by their Great Leader.

    TWS runs some deep that some morons don’t see all the vast payoffs going to Trump hotels and real estate from foreign companies, and foreign diplomats staying in Trump hotels, and scam charities and scam universities. And they lie so much that they completely ignore how removing the Ukranian prosecutor was supported by a dozen governments and by Republican Senators. Suddenly several years later, just as Biden runs for President, their corrupt orange messiah suddenly decides to ‘investigate’ corruption (outside of the WH, of course), and sends a ‘private’ thug attorney to Ukraine to stalk US ambassadors with the help of 2 Ukranian oligarchs. Yup, nothing to see there. If we want to investigate corrupt children of current politicos , I can think of 3 we can start with.

  41. Oh, and one more thing — you don’t need a DMV driver’s license to get Global Entry. Lots of NYC residents don’t have a DL.

    And you can get Global Entry as a citizen of another country. Does DHS check the DMVs of other countries ?

    Of course, this is petty retaliation, by the toddler in the WH.

  42. So the sort of interesting thing is how relatively high-income current and former NYC and NY Republican voters are annoyed with Trump — a person they supported directly and indirectly while bashing Obama, the Clintons and other Democrats who have been popular in NY — and now they are also subject to having their Global Entry applications dismissed with prejudice by the Trump Administration …. even as many of these NY/NYC Republicans and their family/friends hit by this were GE renewal applicants.

  43. They trolling and vitriol by Trump supporters is almost unbelievable. Most Trump supporters claim to be patriots but most have not actually served. Yet I:

    1. Served my country honorable for 20 years and retired.
    2. Never voted for a Democratic presidential nominee until 2016.
    3. Was a registered Republican until 2016 (I did vote for moderate Democrats down ticket) prior to that.
    4. View Trump and Trumpism as a threat to the Nation that I fought to protect.

    What will you supposed Patriots who supposedly support the military say to someone like me. Someone who served honorably but does not agree with you at all? Will you call me some sort of derogatory name? Will you question my love of country?

    Why don’t you just tell the truth. It isn’t about patriotism or love of country at all. It’s about grabbing power by dividing the country…and your comments regarding this article is just a continuation of that.

  44. I live in NYC. And I travel quite frequently. I’m shocked and appalled at this person whom you ppl call the president , he should be ashamed of himself


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