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  1. America West’s original Flight Fund earned one point per dollar. They changed to “miles” after a couple years if I recall correctly. The airline was not large enough to be so different from the others. We’ll see if history repeats itself.

  2. This makes dick anderson better than half of the racist apologists, sexual predators white Americans aka trump supporters.

  3. As if Clinton wasn’t having a bad enough week, she gets an endorsement to match the KKK’s endorsement of Trump

  4. I thought Richard Anderson was the actor who portrayed the boss for Steve Austin and Jamie Summers.

    The fact that United CEO/Chair is endorsing a presidential candidate who is under an FBI criminal investigation says enough for his bookkeeping. More minimum wage for United employees under Crooked Hillary, and socialism to keep more FF fliers (who would fly in F for free + tax) in coach. Think ’bout it. It’s true, and now he endorses a criminal.

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  6. How about not hijacking a travel blog with political snark altogether? Yes, there’s an election going on, and no, people don’t come to Gary’s blog to see who can make themselves look big by shouting names about politicians and their supporters the loudest. There are plenty of political websites for people who find that fun.

  7. I visit travel blogs to learn information about travel, isn’t that a special concept…….. I don’t visit to hear/read a bunch of bickering children over a presidential race that will go down in history as the worst in history. There are two sides to everything, those opinions should be shared in a different venue. NOT a travel blog. Please, let those of us that are serious about travel enjoy a “safe place” to read about travel.

    Take your ugly comments else where.

  8. Dear View From the Wing,

    I would love to make a suggestion. You need a review process to prevent very offensive comments being posted to your blog. Because of what was said, I will say, Mr. Credit has some special/offensive issues and those issues should, as should others with his issue, be sensored. If those comments are continued to be accepted to be posted, I will be among the first to unsubscribe.

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