750 Avios Points for Taking One Survey

I signed up for e-Rewards more than a decade ago, and I had the option to sign up directly with them rather than through an offer from a single loyalty program.

When you sign up after being invited by a program, your options to transfer points earned from surveys were limited (if you signed up with one hotel chain you wouldn’t have the option to transfer to other hotel chains).

Fortunately I’ve had the ability to transfer to whomever I wish, but I also didn’t get a signup bonus from a specific program’s invitation either.

When I first started the surveys were more lucrative — more points for shorter surveys. I’ve stopped using e-Rewards, mostly. I’ve kept the minimum to transfer to miles in my account just to be ready for a program like the US Airways Grand Slam where they award bonus points for activity with their partners, but there haven’t been recent opportunities to use the points in this way.

Generally I won’t spend time taking surveys for points anymore, but when there’s a signup bonus that gives you a decent chunk of points for a first survey that’s a different story.

And this link on the Avios website lets you sign up for e-Rewards and earn 750 points for taking your first survey.

This offer is from avios.com. Avios is the currency of British Airways and Iberia. You earn Avios points, and if you want you can move those to a British Airways account later.

To take advantage of this you need to open an account at Avios.com. Once the points credit from the survey you can use ‘Combine My Avios’ to transfer them 1:1 into British Airways Avios.

You may want to transfer to Iberia instead of to British Airways, though — that way you have an active Iberia account, and will be able to transfer your British Airways points to Iberia if it helps you to do so. Iberia does not add fuel surcharges to award tickets for travel on Iberia.

(HT: Head for Points)

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  1. E-rewards webpage requires a 16-digit Avios number but mine is only 8. I tried adding zeros but that didn’t work either. D’oh!

  2. JA, it appears you need to register as a UK resident but it’s easy enough to find UK postal codes online.

  3. 750 avios AND I bet suddenly your long lost Nigerian uncle will want to sell you cheap Canadian prescription drugs every day for the rest of your life!

  4. Okay, I figured it out. You have an Avios account number issued by BA which is 8 digits. If you sign up for an Avios account through Avios.com you get a 16 digit number. As far as I can tell, the two are not combineable. So, this is a non-opportunity for me.

  5. Folks, as I wrote in the post you have to sign up for an Avios account — not a British Airways Executive Club account.

    And once you have points in your Avios account you can combine those into a BA account.

  6. Right, but according to the website in order to open an Avios account you have to be a resident of the UK or South Africa. If you tell Avios you live in the US, it kicks you over to the Executive Club page.

  7. While it’s possible to “fake” an address since all communication is by email, a phone number is another problem. Do they actually use that for something?

  8. Make up a random UK address and telephone number. They are not going to call you!

    Once you’ve got your 750 Avios, it is a doddle to merge them. You can go to ba.com, go to Manage My Account and you will see a Combine My Avios button.

    Note that your email and date of birth MUST match between your BA and avios.com accounts or you won’t be allowed to combine.

    There are some other benefits of an avios.com account. You can move BA Avios to avios.com and then redeem for Air Malta, Flybe, Aurigny (the Channel Islands airline) and Monarch, none of whom are BA partners but are avios.com partners.

  9. Well, I thought this would be an easy 750 Avios points, and it’s not. I regret filling out (and having to make up) all the nonsense information. I guess I’ll complete my first survey and see if the miles post. And then I hope I don’t get endlessly spammed. Personally, I’d stay far away from this “deal.” It ain’t worth 759 points.

  10. This maybe a little off track for this thread, but will give it a shot…
    Trying to register for Iberia’s Elite Points/Avios. Does it bother anybody that they ask for a passport number? I think it’s the first time I encounter such a request from an airline, although it’s fair to say I don’t subscribe to a lot of programs yet… Is my “security” concern justified? Is it ok to give out passport info just like that?

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