90 Airfare Deals Under $325 Roundtrip To Europe

Thursday morning I wrote about a really impressive airfare deal between the U.S. and Europe on American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair and Iberia – roundtrips in coach starting at $240 between many cities in the U.S. and many cities in Europe.

This is a great opportunity to buy tickets very very cheap on full service airlines, though these are basic economy fares which means no free checked bags or free seat assignment at booking unless you have elite status.

I gave the example in my earlier coverage of $265 non-stops on Finnair between New York JFK and Helsinki, and pointed out that this was a 50 cent fare in each direction plus taxes and fees. Several readers jumped on the deal, traveling from a variety of places in the U.S. to all over Europe for the November through early March period.

This deal was originally highlighted by airfare website Notiflyr and they’ve got several more. In fact, they’ve flagged over a hundred combinations that price insanely inexpensively. Here are 90 city pairs in particular where fares are available for under $325 roundtrip:

Origin Destination Price
PHX DUB, Ireland 268
CLE HEL, Finland 269
PHX BCN, Spain 274
ORL BCN, Spain 275
ATL BCN, Spain 275
AUS BCN, Spain 275
NYC MIL, Italy 276
NYC MAD, Spain 277
CLT BCN, Spain 277
MEM BCN, Spain 277
AUS MAD, Spain 278
SAN MAD, Spain 278
STL MAD, Spain 278
PHL ZRH, Switzerland 279
MEM MAD, Spain 279
SEA MAD, Spain 280
CLT MAD, Spain 281
ORL MAD, Spain 281
PIT MAD, Spain 282
LAX MAD, Spain 282
MIA LIS, Portugal 284
MIA MIL, Italy 284
PDX DUB, Ireland 288
PIT ZRH, Switzerland 289
SFO ZRH, Switzerland 289
ORL ZRH, Switzerland 290
DTT MAD, Spain 290
SAN ZRH, Switzerland 291
LAX ZRH, Switzerland 292
DEN MIL, Italy 293
PIT BCN, Spain 293
MIA AGP, Spain 294
BOS AGP, Spain 294
STL DUB, Ireland 294
SLC AMS, Netherlands 295
AUS AMS, Netherlands 295
NYC ZRH, Switzerland 296
MSP OPO, Portugal 297
MIA DUB, Ireland 297
PIT AGP, Spain 298
DEN AGP, Spain 298
CVG OSL, Norway 298
CLT AGP, Spain 299
CHI LIS, Portugal 299
ORL AGP, Spain 299
NYC LIS, Portugal 299
NYC NAP, Italy 303
MEM LIS, Portugal 303
NYC VCE, Italy 304
SLC AGP, Spain 304
STL AGP, Spain 305
SFO PAR, France 305
CHI DUB, Ireland 305
CHI MIL, Italy 306
LAX PAR, France 306
SFO VCE, Italy 306
LAS VCE, Italy 307
CLT LIS, Portugal 307
STL ROM, Italy 309
SFO DUB, Ireland 310
CHI VCE, Italy 311
MEM MIL, Italy 311
BOS NCE, France 312
ORL PAR, France 313
SAN MIL, Italy 313
STL AMS, Netherlands 314
STL PAR, France 314
AUS AGP, Spain 314
ATL NAP, Italy 314
CVG LIS, Portugal 314
DFW BUD, Hungary 315
PDX AMS, Netherlands 315
MIA ROM, Italy 316
AUS PAR, France 316
MEM AGP, Spain 317
LAX DUB, Ireland 317
STL VCE, Italy 317
PDX AGP, Spain 318
MSP NAP, Italy 319
DTT PAR, France 319
MSP PAR, France 320
MIA NCE, France 320
MIA PRG, Czech Republic 320
RDU NAP, Italy 320
LAX VCE, Italy 321
BOS BCN, Spain 321
CLT MIL, Italy 321
WAS PAR, France 321
WAS AGP, Spain 323
RDU ROM, Italy 323

Keep up to date on pandemic travel rules of course, but if you’re willing to hop across the Pond in the back of the bus… where are you headed this winter?

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    You have ORL listed a few times. Do you mean ORD? There are good prices out of ORD. Didn’t know there were international flights from ORL to Europe.

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