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Book Now: Business Class Awards To South Asia, Africa And Mideast

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Jan 10 2023

Qatar has one of the best business class product in the world in its ‘QSuites’ that offer doors and movable partitions that allow two and even four passengers to travel together in their own space.

Right now there’s fantastic award availability at the end of the booking window. You can use this for travel from the U.S. to Doha and beyond to the Mideast, India, the Maldives and even to Africa.

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American Airlines Says They Cut Their LA – Asia Flying Because Of Too Much Competition

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Dec 17 2022

American Airlines dropped Los Angeles as its gateway to Asia. The remaining long haul flights American operates from LAX are to joint venture partner hubs – Tokyo, Sydney, and London.

American Airlines was losing money on it’s Los Angeles – Asia flying before the pandemic because, they believe, these markets were too competitive. And South America doesn’t work for them out of LA, either. So they’re focused on domestic flying. That makes their LA-based pilots, who don’t have the opportunities to fly widebodies, unhappy.

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ALERT: 9+ United Business Class Saver Awards To Asia, Nearly Every Day Starting Late March

Dec 04 2022

With United Airlines set to resume San Francisco – Hong Kong flights in March, business class saver award availability is wide open. You can book use the space to connect onward in Asia on airlines like Singapore and Thai.

As of this writing at least two business class award seats are available for every day except one March 24, 2023 – October 28, 2023. On most dates there are at least 9 saver awards in business class on the route.

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Singapore Airlines Business Class Awards Wide Open To Europe And Asia

Nov 27 2022

Singapore Airlines frequently makes plenty of award space available towards the end of its booking calendar. If you’re searching 9 or more months in advance you have a good shot at finding a plethora of options. Right now though their award availability is exceptional across several routes, both from the U.S. to Asia and also from the U.S. to Europe.

For instance, San Francisco – Singapore non-stop has the floodgates completely open between July and October, not just for the normal 2 passengers where you’ll frequently see space but for many more than that.

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Wide Open Etihad Business Class Award Space, Book Now To Mideast Or Asia

Nov 01 2022

Etihad has great business class award space for two passengers between New York JFK, Chicago O’Hare, Washington Dulles and Abu Dhabi for travel from January through end of schedule. You can use Etihad to connect onward to places in the Mideast or destinations in Asia like the Maldives and India.

And there’s a handful of dates with two first class award seats available, also which I’m seeing on the Washington Dulles route.

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American Airlines Has A Strange Definition Of “Asian”

Oct 08 2022

As a Dallas-based airline, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that American Airlines doesn’t know what a bagel is. There’s really strong Asian food in Houston (especially Vietnamese) but not as much in the Dallas Metroplex. So perhaps it’s not surprising that the folks working on American’s food and beverage team aren’t familiar with Asian cuisine, either.

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