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American Airlines Flight Attendant Threatens to Make Life Difficult for Asian Woman Returning to the U.S.

passport getting stamped
Jul 17 2019

According to the passenger the family was filming the flight attendant because they found her rude on the plane.

Apparently the mother in the family had fallen ill and sought direction on “properly dispos[ing] of her throw up” and the family claims that the flight attendant responded “oh please I’ve been dealing with you people for 30 years.” They also claim the flight attendant followed up on her threat with customs staff.

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Award Alert: Delta One Suites to Asia for the Whole Family (As Low As 47,000 Points Each)

first class seats
May 17 2019

Delta saver award availability to Asia, especially for two or more passengers, can be challenging. Right now though availability for late fall and winter is outstanding on a variety of routes, for the whole family — in some cases 9 or more saver awards.

Specifically flights out of Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta and Los Angeles are bookable to Tokyo and to China (from Shanghai connecting options on China Eastern are good as well) for November through March.. Notably availability on the Detroit – Beijing, LA – Shanghai, and LA – Tokyo Haneda routes means flying Delta’s business class suites.

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Great Business Class Award Availability to Asia Using American or Alaska Miles

Mar 23 2019

There are certain “go-to” routes for award availability, when your favorite, most convenient or most ideal options aren’t open. One of those routes is Seattle – Tokyo on Japan Airlines.

Here’s a search for awards in July, which isn’t the month with the best availability. What I wanted to do was illustrate when awards are toughest to get what availability looks like.

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Two Photos of This AirAsia Flight Attendant Have Gone Viral

mabel goo
Oct 20 2018

A passenger snapped two photos of a flight attendant during an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong on October 12, posted them to Facebook, and they’ve gone viral both online and in media with worldwide coverage in China, Australia, the UK and beyond.

The flight attendant, Mabel Goo from Malaysia, doesn’t mind the attention — finds it ‘very nice people say such kind words’ but prefers “to focus my attention more on my work with AirAsia” where she’s part of their “cabin crew Fun Team.”

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