The A320 Has Overtaken the Boeing 737 As Most Popular Plane

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  1. I imagine that the 154 employees per aircraft at BA and 129 employees per aircraft at QF (except pilots) make substantially more than the 957 employees per aircraft at SA. Also the degree to which contractors are used to replace employees should be considered if the reported numbers fail to take that factor into consideration. Still, it appears that SA uses labor “inefficiently” compared to other airlines.

    On the other hand, a failing of business in our economic system is the way executives and financial analysts view and treat labor, i. e. people, as merely a variable production input whose value depends primarily on the amount of fixed production input such as capital. When things are looking bad, get rid of people. When things are looking good, add people because it is easy to get rid of them later. That seems wrong and even immoral on some level, yet it is an accepted reality that continues to go unchallenged. Companies should have at least as much of a commitment to their people as they do to their machines.

  2. The A320 is such a vastly superior aircraft to the geriatric, and now dangerous B737, why would anyone express surprise at this news?
    Let’s all end the 737….

  3. On the Cathay news, I see a lot of euphemisms and PR speak but not much tangible information. When they experimented with dine on demand for business class passengers, the service upgrade was clear, where it’s much more ambiguous in this case.

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