Aeroplan Selling Miles For 1.3 Cents/Apiece, Spending Counts Towards Elite Status [Extended]

Through July 12 14, Aeroplan will sell miles with a bonus of ‘up to’ 75%. They’ll sell you 1 million miles, double the usual limit.

It’s a ‘mystery bonus’ so others may have different offers but I received:

  • Buy 2,000-50,000 miles = 25% bonus miles (1.8 US cents/mile)
    Buy 60,000-170,000 miles = 40% bonus miles (1.6 US cents/mile)
    Buy 180,000-240,000 miles = 60% bonus miles (1.4 US cents/mile)
    Buy 250,000+ miles = 75% bonus miles (1.3 US cents/mile)

U.S.-based members paying with U.S. credit cards don’t pay tax on these purchases. The cost to Canadians for these miles is higher.

There’s an extra kicker for those seeking elite status with Air Canada: the amount you spend buying miles with this promotion counts towards the airline’s qualifying dollars requirement, up to $5000 qualifying dollars. When you gift miles at these same prices, the recipient gets the miles but the person buying them receives the qualifying dollars.

Here are the requirements for earning Air Canada Altitude status in 2020, noting that U.S. residents have only half the qualifying dollars requirement shown here (which is for Canadian members) and also that the strength of the U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar is really helpful..

Business class to Europe is 55,000 to 57,500 miles each way; Asia 75k or 77.5k each way. Buying miles at 1.3 cents is a great deal though of course some members were able to buy miles for as little as a penny two months ago.

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  1. @ Gary — I am sorry, it is not a great deal to ever buy anything from people who will steal from you.

  2. Yes but how does this affect American Airlines?? We have to talk about them every post, no?

  3. No way I trust AC with my credit card information. Besides, they will probably cheapen the miles once they have suckered enough people into spending money.

  4. Devaluations were scheduled for June 2020. Postponed due to AC IT being in total shambles.
    All this mileage selling means is that when they are coming, the devaluations will be bigger than expected,
    On top of that AC has stolen millions in refunds due to cancelled flights, and flaunts DOT regulations.

    Stay away from this p.o.s airline and their shady business practices

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