The Best Piece Ever Written On Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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  1. Truth from any pandemic: the more people are afraid of dying, the less economic activity (travel) there will be.

    The number of deaths in the U.S. have started their sad climb as scientist told us they would do 3 weeks after a similar climb of new cases and people are responding.

    As new daily cases have been climbing over the last 3 weeks the future is already written: travel will tank even more.

    Nothing could have done more harm to the U.S. economy than the early surrender to the virus (under the lie of “economic” reopening). For all the taxes paid, what a crappy deal.

  2. @Jake – “early” re-opening is a misnomer. The idea that states opened ‘too soon’ presumes that waiting to re-open would have changed the trajectory of the virus. but it likely would not have. lock downs weren’t sufficient to crush the virus, just to hold down infection at a stable level. and most states didn’t really use the time to build robust tracing capabilities that could have been paired with enforced quarantines, either. so whenever states opened they were at risk of real spread.

  3. That Atlantic article on MH370 is fascinating and chilling; I remember reading it last summer at a friends house in NY and thinking, wow it looks pretty bad for the pilot. Cranky recommended it at that time. How different the world is a year later.

  4. The truth is that with diligent social distancing and mask wearing, we could have shut down the economy, less severely. Just close places where people stay close together, like bars, theatres, sporting events, etc. But now it is so political to wear a mask. We get what we deserve. Paybacks are a bitch for not listening to the experts early on. Sorry to say, we were warned.

  5. The plane was ditched. All the parts found fit that scenario.

    If it had smashed “into a million pieces” they would still be washing up now.

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