After Being Kicked Off American Airlines Over A Mask Slip, This Couple Wound Up On A Private Jet

On Thursday a husband and wife were booted off of American Airlines flight 3996 from Miami to Cincinnati, a regional jet operated by American’s wholly-owned regional subsidiary Envoy Air.

Apparently the woman’s mask slipped off her nose as she boarded the aircraft. It slipped off a second time while the plane was still on the ground. So a flight attendant insisted that she wear an airline-provided mask instead. Since she refused, the flight attendant said the only other option was to get off the plane. They wouldn’t do that – so all of the passengers on board were deplaned.

The pastor of the East River Church in Batavia, Ohio switched flights to return home a day early, and was seated up front on Thursday’s flight. He narrated the story on Twitter. The pastor by the way has a project called “It’s Good To Be A Man” which expressly supports what he terms patriarchy, “it is man’s purpose to represent the rule of the Father in creation so as to rightly order it.” So there’s that from the get-go.

O’Rourke, the husband kicked off the flight, explains that he refused to switch masks on principle:

On Friday the couple who had been ejected from the American Airlines flight flew home private. And they’re no doubt glad they didn’t rebook onto American’s once-daily non-stop Miami – Cincinnati flight because that diverted to Columbus on Friday.

Mr. O’Rourke lists himself on twitter as a federal contractor, ex-Marine and combat veteran. He says he will “never mandate vaccines for [his] 200+ employees” and suggests more lives could be saved with companies mandating proof of 4 hours of exercise a week and banning smoking and soda in the workplace, and that government policy should ban abortion instead to save lives. He’s called for President Biden’s resignation, calls Donald Trump amazing and complains about beta males.

He says he plans to sue American Airlines for ‘discrimination’.

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  1. Can’t wait til that dumb bastard is on a ventilator begging for the vaccine and praying for forgiveness

  2. Federal contractor and ex marine? Use to giving and taking orders? Now in private life and non compliant. Your wife is your problem! Good luck with her.

  3. @ Gary — Wow, another asshat proclaiming their Christianity. Shocking. Maybe God can buy his female companion some clean shoes.

  4. Look at me! A hypocritical idiot who doesn’t believe in the mask or vaccine mandate but wants to force women to not be allowed a choice on abortion. Oh, and ban smoking, which of course is a mandate. But again too dumb to realize that.

  5. Ol’ Chad and Karen seem like such a charming couple, as illustrated in their private jet photo.

  6. These comments are hilarious. Such anger because a guy does not want idiotic policies to affect his life.

    I wish these commenters would look in the mirror and see the ugliness they beam out to the world. Truly stained unhappy people.

    The good news is he is probably much wealthier than each of you which I’m sure drives each of you crazy with envy. It’s envy that fuels those angry vile sentiments.

    May each of you find happiness. Life is too short to hate.

  7. How many Afghan refugees has his church welcomed? Asking for a friend whose initials are JC.

  8. Well clearly not one of the commenters are a Christian. The Bible says that you will know them by their love and their fruit. Nothing that they did pushing back against the ridiculousness of how these mandates are enforced and simply how customer service is entirely gone from flying, and AA is leading the way. The idea that the whole world collapses if a mask sloops below one’s nose is a RELIGION to some of you, a glorified and ineffective rabbit’s foot that you cling to as you cast stones at your fellow citizens. I write this as I watch a professional football game in a friended stadium full of unmasked fans for the most part….yet arguably the chances of getting Covid-19 are
    Higher here even being outside
    With the kind of airflow on an aircraft. Oh, @ Neal Z your comment is a real class act, you have a long way to go to achieve human status. And @Gary, your judgement of another person’s deeply held beliefs is sad and far beneath you. Would you be so strong criticizing a devout Arab with his entirely covered wife next to him?? Of course not, that would be politically incorrect but bashing Christians, that is just fine. @ Too Many, I don’t know why you bring up abortion, nobody forces anyone either way but the life of the unborn child is taken away…only by the grace of God do you live today and your mom didn’t make that “choice”….perhaps if everyone involved did have a choice and the unborn child could
    Speak his or her mind you might think differently. What a sad group of people on this post tonight.

  9. Love reading the rage of the usual half wits here. Bear in mind – he was following your dumb rules, he wore the mask. His wife’s slipped below her nose a couple times BIG DEAL. To throw someone off the plane for THAT – he was right to refuse and AA owes him an apology.

    I think the resentment stems from the fact that he’s a proud Trump supporter and makes more money than most of you, and has a better looking wife. It would be a crime to cover her face with a mask, whereas most of you could do with a mask AND paper bag over your faces.

  10. So many crybaby libs. Get over yourselves. He will walk away e millions over this.

  11. He does sound like a D-Bag. But that doesn’t mean he’s entirely wrong.

    I trust the medical establishment in their recommendations, however the complete silence on the role of diet and exercise in Covid outcomes has eroded a lot of that trust. It’s statistically right up there with the vaccine. And someone who is fit, healthy & vaccinated is more likely to win the powerball than die from Covid. Act accordingly.

    Regarding the abortion argument… I’m pro-choice, and always have been, because the government should not play a heavy handed role in people’s individual health choices. And religious zealots should not dictate government policy. Sadly that’s exactly how I see the pro-mask crowd now. Religious zealots. Putting dogma ahead of science at every turn.

    Not wearing a mask on a plane might take a life. True. Although it’s likely to be someone unvaccinated, over 65 and in poor health. Getting an abortion is guaranteed to end a life that might have had 80 years of remaining. How can so many not see that and how it contradicts their own principles? Pro-choice and pro-life? It should be conservatives clamoring for masks.

    We can either all stand together against government overreach, or we can fall individually. Maybe you don’t mind, or maybe even love, the mask mandates. But I promise the logic you use to justify them will eventually be used against something you do care about by this government or the next.

    Principles are not fluid. They define you. And they should not change based on politics or social pressure. F Trump. F Biden. Change the constitution and bring back Bush or Obama. Seriously.

    PS- 500,000 children die annually from diarrhea due to a lack of access to clean water. About 500x the number of Covid deaths in kids. Do you care? Of course not. Because nobody has for the last 50 years that we could have done something about it. Clean water, who cares. But masks somehow became the hill to die on.

  12. We are called to be good citizens. Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.

    Public health is squarely a thing that is Caesar’s.

    Compliance with crew member instructions is Federal law.

    The wife’s mask wasn’t functioning properly. The flight attendant offered a replacement mask.

    Why should such be seen as anything other than public safety and a desire to comply with the law?

    Why should such be seen as an affront to a person’s rights?

    A militant refusal is not consistent with that which we are called to be.

    A militant refusal is not gracious.

    A refusal — militant or not — is not consistent with the law.

    The proper response was to call for law enforcement to remove the couple.

    If this guy is not obeying these Federal laws, might he be not obeying Federal laws associated with his contracts? Think about it.

    AA has NO fault in this.

  13. Unfortunately her shoes are golden goose – they look like shit (like they do in the pic) when they are brand new.

  14. @Joe
    Correction. You write like an immature, undereducated, overentitled twit.
    Forget the dick in the original story item.

  15. Just BAN these a wipes already!
    Discrimination, really, please!
    I’d like to trade my skin for his.
    He hasn’t lived.

  16. Mr. O’Rourke is my type of man. What he said about bowing down and standing for nothing is a lesson conservatives ought to recognize. Only because conservatives support and obey law enforcement who enforce leftist laws are they able to be enforced. If every conservative said no to enforcement of leftist laws and used our positions to prevent it, we would have no problems. Compliance sets a dangerous precedent only to be compounded on again and again. Anytime a politician supposedly on our side says obey leftist law enforcement, that is a signal he or she is really not on our side. That includes Trump.

    While I like wearing an N95 mask because I rather not breathe the air of those around me in the cesspool that is NYC, the enforcement of mask mandates are draconian, excessive, and ridiculous. We have flight attendants forcing a plane to divert because someone didn’t wear a mask between sips of water. Nothing about mask mandates are reasonable when they are being enforced like this.

    Mr. O’Rourke deserves a medal and to be promoted to a prominent political or conservative law enforcement position. I do disagree with him about abortion. 100% of those getting abortions are leftists. More of our lives and more freedoms are saved by these leftist aborting their spawn than anything else in history. Conservatives are committing treason by not wanting leftists to abort. Abortion bans also don’t gel with the conservative principle of government not telling us what to do with our own bodies or uterus (same with drug laws).

  17. @Reno

    Nothing belongs to Caesar. That was Jesus’ point. The money changers tried to trick him into saying something that would land him in trouble with the Roman soldiers before he completed his mission. He said render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s because nothing belongs to Caesar. Jesus was too clever to be tricked and he also did not say anything that falsely acknowledged Caesar’s legitimacy (he had none). In fact, Jesus counterfeited a coin to subtly mock Caesar.

    No system today has any legitimacy or morality in the eyes of God. All laws which criminalize personal freedom are null and void in the eyes of God. Those who enforce them are criminals of the highest degree in the eyes of God. We don’t consent to this system.

    Regarding militant refusal, remember that Jesus ordered his disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword to defend against false arrest. The laws of the Romans were considered against God’s laws of freedom. Jesus told us it is ok to defend yourself from them.

  18. This blog has gone down the drain. Not clicking on any VFTW headlines anymore. You’re bound to find nothing but tabloid-level stuff. That is all.

  19. Typical American Redneck. Why bother to fly commercial if you can afford a private jet anyway. And of course a “slipping mask” is the core of all evil. It is more their bad manners if they have one in the firtst place.

    Simple ban them from the company and let them fly privately. Problem solved!

  20. @Jackass Waterson: Jesus said none of that bullshit, authors that want to control idiots wrote it. “Money changers”. Ah code for Jews. You are one big POS.

  21. if the mask keeps slipping, it doesn’t fit. All airlines that mandate masks ask that it fit properly. You don’t mask, you don’t fly. Good for AA, and good riddance.

  22. Reading the comments (both sides) from outside the US further proves once again how f-ed up and polarized your country is…..

    Good luck!

  23. I hate grammar today… My wife and ME. If you want to be taken seriously then say least get that right

  24. @Love Don, Mark Rascio, Jackson Waterson

    All 100% correct. Thank you!

    The hate and ignorance from most of the “people” posting on this is SICKENING!!!

  25. That’s so funny. This dbag claims he is str8 by being married to a woman, yet he is wearing his ballcap to indicate he is a bottom. Mmmmm.

  26. Let’s begin the countdown until this guy gets an interview on a primetime Fox News show. “Slipped”… if you don’t know how to wear a mask at this point or are too scatterbrained to realize it has gone below your nose you are a risk to the other passengers and I don’t want you on my flight. This D-Bag favors his so-called “principles” over common courtesy.

  27. I never cease to be amazed at the proliferation of simpletons on this blog. If you douchebags want to talk religion or politics, go somewhere else. This is an aviation site.

  28. Another prime example of #FreeDumb in America. And that includes all the pseudo-Christians on this thread. Any chance to bring up abortion and Jesus. Brings to mind folks like the Taliban, doesn’t it?

  29. “You” what in Gods name do tattoos have to do with this. There are some real idiotic comments on this blog mainly from the left leaning posters. Every day my decision to switch parties (Demo to Rep) becomes clearer and clearer. The PC BS in this country has reached new levels.

  30. @Robert – *at least*

    It’s always amusing when someone calls out another poster for syntax, grammar, or spelling and messes it up. 😉

  31. BS cosmetic surgery wife with fake shelf. He is the reason we keep roe v wade so they do not breed. He will lose his contract for sure

  32. It was AA3676 flight MIA to Cincinnati. your number 3996 is to Columbus always, there was no divert at all. The worst part is that AA / Enovy Air ground crews did not direct law enforcement at all to remove these two “elite” first class couple out of plane! Instead, Envoy air crew asked all passengers already boarded inside aircraft to deplane along with all belongings back to gate! without single word of explanation nor single word of apology! This is exactly how AA / Envoy Air at MIA base treated you as third-class refugees, no matter who’s at fault of not, when they dare not to offense elite class passengers who were non-compliance state, the airline like AA / Envoy Air would abuse their power to screw all your third-class people in order to get their mission done, simple.

  33. @cmorgan

    Unfortunately, the GOP is controlled opposition. All the GOP politicians on a national level pretend they support freedom but they will always undermine it anytime conservatives start taking actions to advance it that have a chance to succeed. I appreciate you recognizing the insanity of the left and Dems. Unfortunately, the right doesn’t have rational and honest leaders. The republicans are complicit.

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