An Airfare Pricing Trick, Miles Bonuses for Dining and Parking, Quitting Uber, and Banning Carry on Bags

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  1. Speaking as someone who will be flying in Europe around the Holidays, I sure hope Europe resorts to profiling before it bans all carry-on luggage. I don’t think it would be that difficult to determine whose bags should be double-checked (middle-aged non-Muslim “trusted traveler” from America travelling with family equals unlikely bomber). And, anyway, couldn’t they put the bombs in their checked luggage anyway? These are supposed suicide bombers, afterall.

  2. Banning carry-on luggage would kill tourism to their island nation. It’s just Daily Mail hysteria IMO. No one’s going anywhere these days without their cell & computer, and you are not allowed to check those items. “Could” is code for “probably won’t.”

  3. ITA Matrix displays an asterisk next to the fare (which is an average fare) when there is only availability for one passenger on a two passenger itinerary in the lowest fare class. I haven’t tested this for more than two passengers. But when you click through, it will show you the lowest price for the first traveler and the next highest fare for the second traveler. So you don’t actually need to search for travel one person at a time. Just begin your search with ITA so that you know when you book the tickets that you should book the two travelers separately.

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