Man Arrested at LAX Security Checkpoint Today For… Theft of a Farm Animal

This is from Brian Sumers.

Just before noon Pacific time the man proceeded through a security checkpoint in terminal 6. He was found with ammunition in his bag.

That’s when screeners called the police, who discovered an outstanding warrant.

Police discovered the man was wanted on a warrant for “theft of a farm animal,” according to my law enforcement source. The source did not know what kind of animal it was.

Airport police then arrested the man for grand theft.

Everyone on his flight can breathe easy knowing that their emotional support animals on board are safe from this menace, thanks to the TSA and LA airport police.

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  1. What a douchebag post Gary. A horse is a farm animal. A cow is a farm animal. Each can be worth tens of thousands or more. You think someone with an outstanding warrant, regardless of what it is for, should EVER be allowed on a plane? Wake up.

    Go back topimping credit cards…

  2. “He was found with ammunition in his bag”. Where was he hiding with his bag? Good grammar never sleeps, you know.

  3. Certainly I appreciate your perspective and humor, Gary. 🙂

    In this particular instance, though, it looks like the TSA might actually have been doing their job. Man tries casually carrying ammunition onto plane in carry-on, TSA actually notices it looks like ammunition, calls police, background check comes back with an outstanding warrant and police manage to make an arrest.

    I don’t like the civil liberties implications of all this, but I certainly don’t mind that a man was prevented from bringing ammunition aboard an aluminum tube flying 600mph at 30k feet.

    Kudos to the TSA where it’s deserved.

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