Airline Demands Flight Attendants Start Wearing Underwear

Pakistan International Airlines has laid out a new rule for flight attendants that they must wear underwear not just while on duty but during layovers as well. What’s more, airline “grooming officers” will be checking, “monitor[ing] cabin crew ‘at all times'” and will have to “report back if there is any ‘deviation’ from the rules.”

“It has been observed with great concern that a few cabin crew tend to dress casually while traveling intercity, staying in hotels and visiting various suffices. Such dressing leaves a poor impression on the viewer and portrays a negative image of not only the individual but also of the organisation,” an internal instruction memo, a copy of which is available with, sent by PIA General Manager Flight Services Aamir Bashir read.

…”The clothing worn by males and females should be in accordance with our cultural and national morals,” the guideline read.

PIA has previously required flight attendants to go on weight lose binges losing at least 5 pounds per month over half a year. But I don’t know what sort of brand image the airline thinks it’s protecting. Pakistan International Airlines is the worst airline in the world of any carrier its size.

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  1. Pakistan Air is a trendsetter for other 3rd world airlines. India Air and North Korea’s Unfriendly Skies program will be soon adopting “underwear inspections”

  2. @ Ed

    That’ll be the bikini wax division

    Pakistani Airlines has amended their rules and said that goats and other such livestock do not need to wear undergarments but could be subject to a generous body cavity search by inspectors

  3. As far as worst in the world. I wouldn’t go there. These rules are stupid but I’ve seen some fairly positive trio reports of them. Josh Cahill has a very good journey on PIA as well. Maybe pIA management can take over the new JetBlue venture when all focuses are turned away from flying so they can provide better return for their shareholders.

  4. I thought the left was all about respecting other people’s cultural norms? Diversity and Inclusion, right?

  5. Some FA likely went without a bra in a western country where it is not uncommon and some pakistani freaked out because of their religion. Women in Pakistan hardly have good options for comfortable and quality underwear. Some of their undergarments don’t fit well, are uncomfortable and even cause injury due to the poor construction. It is kinda sad that this issue facing the women of Pakistan was glossed over so some travel blog could get clicks by making it sound like FAs are running around everywhere without underwear. The actual story is about how the patriarchal society in Pakistan continues to control the everyday life of women even on the most basic level to the detriment of their welfare.

  6. Interesting to read the different takes on this. Westerners may not like the fact is that Pakistan is a patriarchal society but it is what it is. It makes sense for the airline to want their most visible representatives to reflect well on the company.

  7. So does a string thong mean underwear? How about a jockstrap? Who is going to check out the men FA to make sure that they are wearing a thong?

  8. I’ve now read this story on 3 Travel Blogs and I’m kinda shocked that not a single commenter anywhere thinks this could have been male employees setting this off. What about some guys wear gym shorts all over the place flopping and bouncing around? I’m gay and have been mildly offended by some of the new tight pants and extra short shorts some male passengers wear at the airport these days, and even worse around the hotel. Literally every comment is about thongs and not wearing a bra.

  9. It always amazes me how People in America are so arrogant to comment on the traditions of other nations and think they can change em. But yet sit on their A@# here in the safety of U.S. and complain about everything. If the citizens of another nation want change, then they Vote for change, or, apply for citizenship in a country they wish to go too for the freedoms they long for. As far as people in the U.S. making self righteous comments about other countries, pack your crap and move there so you can lead the way in change. But you won’t because your to used to running your mouth here under the protections the U.S. provides.

  10. Another sure sign the 1960’s are over. Where is the song “Sorry about that, let it all hang out”??

  11. I don’t fly as much but I really don’t care what they have on under their uniform because long as I don’t receive a drink or a food dish and they walking away digging their panties out of their buttocks that’s one or two items I will let the airlines know I will not pay for so I feel it’s their choice to feel comfortable as they which to and everyone should keep their hands to themselves

  12. God the people in this comment section are so stupid. You can’t understand something beyond your self centered world based on where you are located.

    In Pakistan, there is no middle class. Your either rich or poor. And staff usually are poor. Means they hygiene is poor and they aren’t aware of what is okay and what isn’t. This is simply talking about hygiene but worded poorly to look like something else. Typical narrow western mindset.

  13. I would have thought flight attendants would be open to having their jobs turn into an uncontrollable frenzy of Bikini Try On Hauls, Bra and Panty Tickle Fights and Slippery Bar Soap Shower Yoga, it all sounds so international…panties or not.

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