American Airlines Introduces New Pre-Order Wellness Meal Option For Domestic First

Before the pandemic American Airlines offered a pre-order charcuterie plate in addition to the regular meals offered on board. It was part of a Zoës Kitchen partnership that also included coach buy on board options. The charcuterie plate was popular!

That deal ended, and a year ago they were looking to bring back a pre-order meal option that was in addition to the normal meals offered inflight. They put out an RFP, and even included non-traditional brands beyond brick-and-mortar chains. But we hadn’t heard anything on this front since last fall.

Now, though, American shares that they have a new pre-order option coming and it’s actually part of the existing James Beard Foundation partnership that launched shortly before the pandemic.

The airline “worked with James Beard Award-Winning Nutritionist Ellie Krieger to develop a new nourishing wellbeing menu.”

The pre-order program re-launches October 12 “as part of wellbeing menu launch.” Some flights will see these meals as part of the regular choices in the cabin, but it will also be pre-order “on select flights.” According to a spokesperson,

The wellness menu will be available in the premium cabin on select domestic, Transcon, Long-Haul Hawaii and international flights. If customers enjoy the items, and they are popular, we’d love to keep serving up opportunities for them to enjoy.

Here are the pre-order items:

  • Harvest Vegetable and Grain Bowl (lunch and dinner)
  • Golden Roasted Chicken (lunch and dinner)
  • Mushroom and Asparagus Frittata (breakfast)

Credit: American Airlines

I might try the chicken on my next afternoon meal flight where it’s available post-October 12.

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  1. Ugh. That doesn’t even look appetizing. For the love of all that is holy, why can AA not just bring back the charcuterie plate and the fruit and cheese plate as pre-order options?

  2. That’s really bad for a first class meal. First class meal shouldn’t be a side salad from the local pizza joint.

    That’s even the picture a professional marketing firm was paid handsomely to make it look good and it still looks like a average side salad

  3. AA’s dietary choices are quite broad and already include “healthier” options. What’s new? What’s different? AA’s efforts would be better spent on improving the quality of existing food offerings.

  4. JetAway, to your point of cheap ingredients, the beef served in Flagship First seems to be USDA Choice at best. Sometimes, it seems to be USDA Select. Given the portion size, the beef could be USDA Prime for about $2 more in food cost. AA could bump the ticket price from $2500 to $2502 (each way). Passengers would certainly not complain about the $2 but would rather sing the praises of the good food. But, AA’s management doesn’t see it that way. Instead, they see it as saving $2. And, therein lies their failure. I’m guessing the next cost-cutting measure will be the use of plant-based protein substitutes.

  5. I think this is great – very much looking forward to it. Finally a meal choice that is not breaded/fried/carb heavy/creamy/greasy/ etc., etc.

  6. Must say, despite American Airlines bad points, at least they seem to be trying. I do however question these new menu items importance in the greater scheme of things going on at AA.

  7. Where’s my old-time favorite lunch item on AA, the cold seafood platter? I remember that as being really good with all kinds of fresh seafood and some greens. It wasn’t a platter size, for sure, but it was very fresh and tasty. Sigh…….

  8. Those don’t look appetizing at all. Some of the plates and salads they serve now have unrecognizable ingredients. Why not just have a normal salad with normal salad ingredients and some grilled chicken with it? I just don’t get why they spend all this money “branding” healthy and serving things that normal people don’t even eat.

  9. For those of you complaining keep in mind this is an option and while it may not appeal to you it may to others. And for those of you impressed with this option keep in mind what you will see onboard will never look like this. This was carefully put together by a food stylist whose job it is to make an item look as appealing as possible, when assembled by the line worker in the catering kitchen it will only have a slight resemblance to this photo.

  10. Yuck! How about just a nice salad as a healthy option? I don’t want.grains and lentils or a vege sandwich. Gonna miss the cheese platter. It was the perfect compliment to a couple glasses of wine.

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