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  1. Anyone who wants a mask can wear a mask – no accommodation needed. They can even choose their protection level – all the way through N100.

    If their sincere believe is a second mask is needed on another person, they can simply wear a second mask over their own – even turn it inside out if they desire to have the same configuration as if another person was wearing it.

  2. Is there a cut-off date for the Accor-Qatar match? Ideally I’d like to wait until my Safar Gold expires at the end of March and keep that Flagship access rolling for another year

  3. The United mileage-earning game appears to be targeted. Said my Chase Mileage Plus Explorer card wasn’t eligible.

  4. Skirts may provoke a little pushback from certain categories of customers and calling them bigots might not help enough. Boots, latex and whips, on the other hand, can bring really huge success if applied properly.

  5. Are you correct in saying that buying 50 shares of Accor gets you Gold Qatar Airline Status or, as inferred, that receiving Qatar Gold requires Accor Platinum?

  6. Nevermind, just read T&Cs – I thought it was permanent status in the Shareholder program which potentially made it a closer call.

  7. @ Dan Sjolseth and @Chris

    The Accor shareholder benefit only gets you Accor Gold, which only matches to OneWorld Ruby. You need Accor Platinum to get Qatar Gold which gets you OneWorld Sapphire.

  8. >Male pilots and cabin crew can now wear skirts
    Ah, yes. The disgusting Virgin Atlantic. I can do no better than quote travel columnist Judith Woods, in the Daily telegraph today:
    “Truthfully, I don’t care if my moustached pilot wants to sashay around in tights and heels in his downtime. So be it. But I do not want to get involved. Just. Make. Everyone. Wear. Trousers.
    What Virgin Atlantic declares to be inclusive and welcoming for employees sounds like a stressful nightmare for passengers, plunged against their will into a gender dysphoria psychodrama. I simply want to board, take my seat and be politely served by staff in trousers who can theoretically save me from a fireball in an emergency.
    Call me a grump, but I do not want to see the crew prancing about like extras from Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and living their best lives – not when I am paying through the nose to live mine. Anybody got a number for British Airways?”

    I am with Judith.

  9. >>> By the way anyone who owns 50 shares of Accor stock gets Gold status.

    Does anyone know if this works with Accor ADRs (ACCYY)? Fifty shares/ADRs of ACCYY at $4.44 (today) plus commissions would be roughly $250 which wouldn’t be a bad price for what could be a lifetime elite Accor Gold status (3rd of 5 levels) while holding an appreciating stock asset. We stay at Fairmont hotels occasionally so this would provide regular room upgrades along with late check-out (or early check-in) and complimentary wi-fi. Oh, and a welcome drink!

  10. Yeah I’ve been Accor Gold for awhile from stock purchase and I like it. Also connected accor with QR. Did Alaskan Gold for OW Sapphire with QR. Have Safar Silver now. Slowly getting my QR Qmiles/Avios act together, and will attain QR status with my next QR flight. As much as I love EK, I’m enjoying my options with QR.

    As for VS, I was going to buy PIA status and do the PIA match to VS. Just to get Skymiles status. Not because I want to fly VS any more than required. (VS has been different on gender for many years.)

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