Airport Fight — This Time It’s Employees Throwing Down

In this crazy video two employees are fighting. We don’t know when the video was taken, although it was posted to Facebook yesterday. It’s happening in the Caribbean — I think St. Croix, though I haven’t been since a US Airways mistake fare brought me in 2007 — and one of the employees is wearing an American Airlines vest.

We can only speculate what started the fight — but usually it’s passengers that are melting down. Right now though flight attendants (who are just entering contract negotiations) and mechanics (who haven’t yet gotten a new contract from the merged airline) seem to hate American. That apparently leaves other employees and contractors to hate each other.

Clearly one employee is mad at the other for helping a customer and preventing a flight from departing exactly on time.

(HT: One Mile at a Time)

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  1. We should start a caption this picture contest. You said fighting over D0.

    I think one of the was mad because the other one disrespected Parker.

  2. I always wonder when I see stuff like this what would happen if no one broke it up. They should let it go the full 10 rounds.

  3. Gary, why use the word hate? It’s a pretty strong word to use in your narrative. I think a lot of people would agree that society is filled with hatred so why not try to use a different word such as dislike?

  4. This is not a fight. It is American Airlines employees being taught the United Airlines ‘David Dao’ customer service technique.

  5. This happened on St. Croix. As far as I know, these employees are CONTRACTED out and are not direct American Airlines employees so that must be why they require THREE hours, at least on St. Thomas, instead of two to arrive at the airport. Regardless of the fact that they are contract employees, they represent AA so really bad behavior on their part. But……anyone who lives in de islands understands that such a fight isn’t about American Airlines but clearly about somebody’s man….. So….das how we do it in the Caribbean. Rum n Coke anyone?

  6. even though you “CAN ONLY SPECULATE” you still stoop low enough to assign a reason of your own imagination…
    shameless pandering to please management and increase divisiveness between work groups…

  7. Very biased Gary ( as usual).
    It’s amazing how you made all those assumptions from a 21 second video.

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