Airport Video Captures You Wherever You Go

Did you realize that all of your airport movements are being captured on video? At most airports all public spaces are being recorded. Those recordings aren’t just used for security either. Airlines have access to them. Whenever a story about bad passengers comes out, or airlines acting badly towards passengers, there’s video and airlines review it to see what really happened and potentially defend themselves.

The quality of video is surprisingly high in some airports around the world. It’s been used multiple times over the past couple of weeks to track down luggage theft at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport.

On Monday a woman was arrested for stealing luggage from several passengers at different baggage claim belts.

A passenger had complained about stolen luggage. Airport law enforcement investigated and identified the culprit on video. They decided to lay in wait for her. With access to airline reservations data for departing flights they knew the woman would be flying out on Emirates and they approached her at the check-in counter.

Credit: Spring News

A mere week ago another woman was arrested for stealing luggage at the Bangkok airport.

In the U.S. DMV photos have been scooped up into an FBI and an ICE database and used for government surveillance. State DMVs also sell your personal information to private companies. We’re always being watched by governments which is great for capturing baggage thieves, and great for marketing.

TSA came under criticism for following ordinary Americans through the airport but the truth is they don’t need to they can just review the tapes.

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  1. But if there are 350 people standing in line outside the American Airlines customer service office then oddly enough the cameras somehow weren’t switched on


  2. I think that’s wonderful. I had an issue in the past where a GA falsely claimed I was trying to cut the line. I wrote to the airline and said check the tapes.

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