United Airlines: Older People Should Pay More

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  1. Now that I am eligible for some senior discounts, I look forward to seeing them change to senior surcharges. This is simply how the world works. All good deals end before I can use them. 🙂

  2. The late, missed AirTran offered young customers a flat distance based standby only travel option: if you were age 18-22 you could fly space available for $49/$69/$99 depending on the sector. Miss you, AirTranU.

    Student discounts are alive and well in some markets (STA Travel is mostly a TA tho).

    PreCheck is a bribe to anyone with the ability to get things done. In exchange for agreeing not to get things done by lobbying our Congresspeople to change some silly TSA practices, they give us the pre-9/11 experience.

  3. “PreCheck is right: TSA should take a risk-based approach to security, focusing resources on greatest threats not treating everyone equally and inconveniencing equally because doing so distracts resources from those threats.”

    Problem is people will scream


    when it turns out a lot of the risk is people traveling to/from middle eastern lands.

  4. @Ed: “The Unruh Act forbids pricing depending on age. Google “Tinder” “Lawsuit” “29 years”.”

    I’m pretty sure the ‘Rome Statute’ comes into play as well. Lol.

  5. whats with people that just post how much they hate the site?

    Also, I’m very worried about what some equity company will do to the Grand Hotel. Keep the MBAs away!

  6. This makes me think of United’s 12-21 Club, which offered half price standby flights for the young back in the 1960s and 70s. It definitely was age discrimination, but it was blessed by the old Civil Aeronautics Board and it got me my first flight — at age 14 — from BUF to PIT (!) with a friend to visit his aunt. Any other former members here?

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