Alaska Airlines Kicks Sexist Passenger Off Flight and Better Bathrooms for Atlanta Airport

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  1. The Concourse, now HR LAX has been giving Diamond guests a 2500 point “Lounge Closed” bonus in recent times.

    I had a FULL Quick Park bus drive strait past me outside T5 – I guess there was nowhere for me to fit. Parking Lot C is a 5 minute walk from the hotel, so the C bus can used instead.

    Also, the Quick Park bus is scheduled to more frequently travel strait to the airport bypassing the Hotel, so if you miss a bus from the hotel you can simply walk to the parking lot.

  2. It’s appropriate if its a trump supporter. All women trump supporters have extended an open invitation for pu%sy grabbing. It means you are a true republican and they will like that.

  3. Carbon offsets are a scam more often than not, so I take this claim of carbon neutrality with a grain of salt. DFW could probably install A LOT of solar if they wanted to, given the amount of roof they have to work with. That would be significantly more credible than paying someone to plant trees in California or whatever.

  4. I’m trying to remember, but IIRC the Concourse long, long ago was a Hyatt. I’m talking sometime around 1980 or so. I could be wrong, but perhaps someone with a good memory can confirm/deny.

  5. Oh wow CAN I really fly from Dallas to Abu Dhabi Fo’ FREE?

    Will Will Smith be speaking?

  6. Gary is that the former Radisson opposite T1?

    Hyatt is small and insignificant. Granted you can’t be all things to all people but they seem to have tons of properties in places I have little interest going.

    Have two full service properties in city limits of second largest MSA. Meanwhile tons of choices in Chicago, Dubai, Shanghai. Blah.

  7. The Alaska airlines story seems a bit odd. He said “ooh sexy” when she was doing the life vest demonstration and that was enough to be kicked off the flight? I wasn’t there so maybe it was clearer if you were present or maybe he did more than this, but it sounded like it could mean he was making a joke saying the life vest is sexy not the flight attendant. Still without more I think its a bit of an over reaction to throw a paying passenger off the plane. If he was grabbing at the attendant or kept making comments that would be different, but it seems like one comment which wasn’t excessively crude was all he said. Is he mature? Absolutely not, but let’s not go overboard here, unless someone refuses directions to stop.

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