American Airlines First Class: What’s For Dinner?

In September 2014 American and legacy US Airways harmonized their catering — and the results were not good. American took the overwhelming feedback of customers — and from embarrassed crew — to heart and introduced better meals in August 2015.

Petite Filet and Lobster Mac & Cheese, August 2015 – October 2016

American ostensibly introduces all new meal service each year. We got a new set of meals in November 2016, and last month they began to rotate new dishes in as they overhaul the domestic first class menu.

In December they introduced Buratta Cheese Ravioli with tomato garlic sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes and this month they introduced Chicken Meatballs with Creamy Polenta, Porcini Mushroom Tortellini, and Beef Short Rib with Twice Baked Potato.

That means dinner entrees have been half replaced, with four of last year’s items still on the menu.

Here’s the full list of current American Airlines domestic dinner entrees:

  • Burrata ravioli and roasted cherry tomatoes with tomato garlic sauce
  • Cheese lasagna with Pomodoro tomato sauce
  • Poblano peppers stuffed with manchego, queso fresco, Monterey jack, cotija with piquillo crema and cilantro rice
  • Porcini mushroom tortellini with cacio pepe and tomato sauce
  • Grilled chicken with haricot, cherry tomatoes, olives and garlic herb butter
  • Grilled filet with Cipollini onion, asparagus and quinoa
  • Chicken meatballs with creamy polenta
  • Beef short rib with chimichurri sauce and twice baked potato

The dinner items are all designed in consultation with Celebrity Chef Julian Barsotti.

American refreshed breakfast in fall 2016 and is now updating again. December saw the introduction of three new breakfast items: Breakfast Sandwich wit Egg; Smoked turkey, Colby jack cheese on ancient grain flatbread; Montamore Cheese and Kale Pesto Omelet; and Smoked Fontina Cheese and Peppadew Omelet.

If you’re booked in domestic first class at least 24 hours prior to departure you can pre-order your choice. Meal choices appear one month prior to flight. You can also select a fruit and cheese plate instead if you prefer.

International flights and premium domestic flights between New York JFK and both Los Angeles and San Francisco receive different menus.

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  1. Poblano peppers stuffed with manchego, queso fresco, Monterey jack, cotija with piquillo crema and cilantro rice – one of my favorite.

  2. “Celebrity Chef Julian Barsotti” lol if you have to google who he is, then probably not a celebrity chef. Maybe a Dallas celebrity chef?

  3. Homeless tasteless chef cuisine
    Mystery dry Meat
    Disgusting and add to that a skimpy sad looking salad

  4. Horrible menú for first class.
    Well thats also why this airline is not in the top.ten airlines.cheesy menu redneck style.

  5. Funny – I had a domestic AA dinner meal flying into LGA two days ago that was not one of the things listed above. I’m not sure that’s a complete list

    (the meal I had was – “cheese cappelletti pasta & artichoke hearts in garlic cream sauces” or something like that”

  6. We flew home on AA yesterday and was served a wonderful lunch! I was s very tender short rib, with accompanying mac and cheese spiced up with tomatoes and others spices, for desert a bundt lava cake with a mousse filling, whipped cream and a strawberry. There was a pack of crackers and then, our mystery: two scoops of something. There was a smaller one in green, similar in color to macha. The other scoops was larger and raspberry in color, but certainly not in taste! There were also 2 bok choy leaves. I would love to know what they were!

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