American Airlines Has 3 Company Goals, And Two Of Them Are Weird

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  1. Somebody’s been hitting the buzzword sauce too hard. “Passionately Drive Efficiencies” sounds like something you could order at the dealership with wire rims or fog lights. And just who is caring for the team members? Weird. Of course, nothing lasts forever, not even AA.

  2. How about helpful customer service with agents that are empowerd and award redemption less than hundreds of thousands miles each way?That would be a great
    I just booked KLM from LA to Amsterdam in business class with a rebate for 50K one way try and do that on American
    American is now a complete rip off with married segments and over priced awards
    to the point of extortion.
    Never again will I go out of my way to fly them or earn in their program unless the only choice
    Was a great program pre Parker era,I expect them to go bankrupt again its just a matter of when after our taxes no longer bail them out on welfare

  3. That will be the day hell freezes over when American Airlines creates a world class experience for its passengers.

  4. Note that it isn’t “care for team members” but rather “ensure they FEEL like they are cared for” — sounds like lots of happy talk will be coming employees’ way…

    Can’t wait to see how they “reconnect” with customers.

  5. “continue to feel cared for” assumes they currently feel that way. They have one of the most demoralized work forces I have ever seen. It is pervasive.

  6. Passionately driving efficiencies?

    That has Vasu Raja written all over it…..because it’s so poorly written.

  7. Business buzzwords. I would replace the statements in the three circles with “Strive to Virtue Signal”, “Put Out Fire On Our Burning Platform” and “Boil the Ocean”.

    Fun times in corporate land.

  8. While AA has a number of issues I don’t think blaming them for laying off or wanting to layoff people is an issue. When you lose income, you make cuts. It sucks but they are supposed to be a business.

    And while i don’t mind helping people, these airline, airport, etc. bailouts are out of hand. I am guessing even if in a couple of years the virus disappears, I’ll still be stuck on hold with the company blaming the virus for the situation.

  9. @DaninMCI – I wish the site had a “like” button…your comment is spot on. This slide was right out of Dilbert. What’s worse than Corporate/Consulting gobbledygook? Poorly written and completely uninspired gobbledygook.

  10. Passionately Drive Efficiencies=Cut service relentlessly while raising fares
    Ensure Team Members Continue to Feel Cared For=Touchy Feeling Empty Sentiment
    Reconnect With Our Passengers=Yes we stick it to you with reduced services and program benefits but at AA, we still love your money.
    Double Down On Ops Excellence=At AA we will only screw up half as often.

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