American Airlines Has New Boarding Announcement About Overhead Bins

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  • I join the Miles To Go podcast to go through my wallet and explain my credit card strategy.

  • The American AAdvantage 40th anniversary game continues for co-brand credit card cardmembers. So keep entering for prizes through Saturday.

  • Seattle airport now has reserved spots in line for TSA (optional). The airport is historically one of the most challenging, along with Denver, for its TSA checkpoints.

  • American is re-opening the Phoenix B7, Miami D15 and Atlanta Admirals Clubs this month
    Phoenix (PHX) location at Gate B7, as well as the Miami (MIA) outpost at Gate D15, will once again welcome select premium passengers later this month. American will also reopen its Atlanta (ATL) location in May. These clubs and more desperately need to be re-opened – hub clubs have been absolutely packed, and of course members still are billed the full fee.

    Meanwhile American has also introduced new food for sale items in the clubs

  • Thanks to Oasis/Kodiak conversions, all American Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft now have larger overhead bins. Airbus A321neo and Boeing 737 MAX aircraft come with these bins when the planes are delivered new. And A321s are in the process of being retrofit with the Oasis interior.

    Boarding announcements for these aircraft are now supported to talk about the bins,

    Today’s aircraft has larger overhead bins and your carry-on will be stored differently. Please place your carry-on into the bin, wheels first, turning the bag onto its narrow side to allow more bags to fit in each bin.

  • Chicago O’Hare serial stowaway will stay jailed pending trial

  • Woman arrested at the Atlanta airport with 3 pounds of cocaine in shoes

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  1. Some FAs announced the stowing procedure for the new bins even before the pandemic. It didn’t do much good. On my flights in March and April this year, the same result. Those who get to the bins first don’t realize or don’t care that they are taking up way more space than they need to.

  2. Why say wheels first – that’s pretty much a given and hides the real change – resting the bag on the narrow edge so the handle is perpendicular to the bottom of the bin

  3. Re “American AAdvantage 40th anniversary game continues for co-brand credit card cardmembers. So keep entering for prizes through Saturday.”

    I don’t see anywhere that you can enter for prizes now. Am I missing something?

  4. I never really think Seattle’s TSA is that bad but maybe it’s just the times I’ve been there. Atlanta and Denver are the worst to me and where CLEAR really REALLY can pay off.

  5. The 40th AnniversAAry game for card holders isn’t like the other game. It’s 5 days of offers. Here is the link.

    I’d rather spin the globe for a chance at free points but some people would find value in these offers. The simplymiles 2x bonus is one of the better ones on there.

  6. I flew the updated 737s twice this week. Announcements were made on each flight. And universally ignored. I actually don’t mind the aircraft, aside from the half-bathroom. Bins are great, USB and power at every seat.

  7. Stay away from formerly USworst Airways. Unless you hate your knees, have a standing Chiropractor appointment on arrival to adjust you spine and want to take a day or two and many stops with red eye connections IF you can use your Advantage points.

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