American Airlines Introducing New Breakfast to Domestic First Class Starting October 1

American has 4 ‘cycles’ of domestic first class meals that they rotate. New meals debuted in August 2015, and were supposed to cycle for a year.

Beef and Lobster Mac & Cheese is Still Being Served

The same food is still being served, but the Forward Cabin notes some changes to breakfast in October and last I heard there’s to be an update to other meals in November.

He describes them as “all around, positive changes” which I suspect is what George W. Bush called “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Here’s his description of October breakfast changes:

Here’s what we can look forward to come October:

A new egg entree.
A continental fruit plate.
Steel cut oatmeal with improved toppings.
3 choices of breakfast breads on all flights, up from 2: biscuits, croissants/bagels and a sweet bread.

In fact, here are the new breakfast cycles.

“Cycle 1”

“Cycle 2”

“Cycle 3”

“Cycle 4”

Regional jets, of course, get a different breakfast, as do premium transcon flights and international. These are the meals for mainline domestic first class which are catered on departure. There’s no change to the ‘shelf stable’ breakfast.

I try to eat at home or in the terminal, and skip inflight breakfast, if I’m able.

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  1. The Kellogg’s cereal (Product 19 preferred but never served), banana, fruit, milk, bagel (with light cream-cheese), coffee, and OJ was good enough. Oatmeal….yuck. Egg….yuck (not cooked with olive oil).

    I don’t know…..something with the word “steel” in it is something I would use to eat, not swallow.

  2. It was Margaret Thatcher addressing the Virginia General Assembly who used the phrase, “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

  3. I wish them well, but… AA has never put much emphasis on catering, even at the pointy end, for any of their routes; domestic, trans-con and international, especially for breakfast. Some of the other meals are passable, but… Of all the breakfasts listed above, I saw ONE that I would consider. At least for breakfast, eat at home, perhaps your hotel or in the terminal and stick with their equally horrible coffee until lunch rolls around. Front section catering is simply not an important item for AA and it shows. In fairness, almost no airline does a decent hot breakfast, but their other meals are often quite good. With AA, not so!

  4. I liked the the Omelettes form around 6 years ago. they were always the same, but tis breakfast so thats fine. they may have bene cheese-tizzy but they were always hot, tasted great and the potatoes were excellent versus the crappy potatoes now.

  5. I was served oatmeal this morning on a flight from Charlotte to Omaha. The oatmeal was served very cold. I’ve never had oatmeal served cold and will never have it again. I don’t know if they just screwed up and didn’t heat it up or if that’s the new way. I took one bite and that was it….pretty nasty.

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