Passenger Buys Seat for His Doll to Travel to Giant Noah’s Ark Replica and More

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  1. When I was a travel agent, many years ago, I used to buy seats for sculptures from Lenox. This was awhile ago, but I remember laughing about it; but porcelain was very delicate and they were taking them to shows to be displayed. I think the tickets were the same price as the person who brought them with them in the airplane.

  2. RE: The story about the resuscitation of the 25 year old woman. After the flight landed she was still well enough to walk down the aisle, at which point she collapsed. A resuscitation ensued during which, it seems, she experienced three episodes of a potentially fatal arrhythmia. It’s not uncommon in these situations to have a patient experience the arrhythmia (ex. ventricular fibrillation), be “‘shocked back to life” (defibrillated into a rhythm that produces a pulse) several times before stabilizing. Others aren’t so fortunate and the resuscitation is unsuccessful. She had her (witnessed) arrest in a city that has one of the most sophisticated and effective Emergency Medical Services system in the world, which, along with her age and presumed lack of prior history, contributed to her excellent outcome. The article doesn’t mention it, but the plane’s crew would have had access to a defibrillator and are trained in CPR, and would have been the logical initial “first responders”.

  3. I don’t think the AED would have done much for her since she went into cardiac arrest from a blood clot traveling from leg to lungs so it wasn’t a heart arrhythmia from what I read.

  4. The woman who posted about the doll (apparent a quasi-celebrity with small twitter following?) is such a selfish person. The entire reason she brought this to the attention of the public via twitter was because she was joyful to have an empty seat at first but was spoiled because of the doll. From the progression of the tweet it seems apparent that she tried to screw him over by alerting a flight attendant that he was encroaching on the neutral empty seat, only to find out he bought a ticket. What a sore, sore person. I will forget about this person by tomorrow morning but I still hope that her followers stop paying attention to such a small person.

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