American Airlines Named 5 Star Global Airline For the Second Year Running (No, Really)

Last September American Airlines was named a 5 Star Global Airline by the Airline Passenger Experience Associate (APEX). The airline placed logos on their planes beneath the oneworld logo to note the achievement.

American is excited to celebrate their second year of this achievement, which was just awarded.

I don’t know anything beyond what’s publicly shared about how the designation is made however I did notice that American Airlines is the only listed airline sponsor of the APEX Expo.

At the same time I’m not sure how big an honor this really is. Aeroflot, LATAM, Air Astana, and Avianca all have five stars as well.

Nonetheless to celebrate American Airlines being named a 5 Star Global Airline by the Airline Passenger Experience Association for the second year I thought I’d offer – direct from the Home Office in Cancun, Mexico – the Top 10 Reasons American Airlines Received 5 Stars.

    10. It’s on a scale of 1 to 100.

    9. The only people who voted were Doug Parker, Robert Isom, and Elise Eberwein.

    8. Airline Passenger Experience Association is practice for Dancing With the Stars

    7. Judges feared they’d forever be sentenced to fly legacy US Airways planes unless they gave up that 5th star.

    6. American lets you stream The Big Bang Theory: Season 2 to your phone

    5. With such great labor relations, how can they not earn 5 stars?

    4. They were competing for the 5th star with Allegiant

    3. Business class award availability is so good

    2. American Airlines will never lose money again

    1. Buttafuoco

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  1. What a ridiculous joke !!!
    AA, Aeroflot, LATAM, Air Astana, and Avianca, so we all know this can’t be serious.

  2. @FabinhoBP, indeed that list is ridiculous. It almost seems oriented towards [airlines of] countries and regions run by dictators, so the list is clearly incomplete without Air Koryo (North Korea).

  3. The “Labor relations” bashing is getting old. When the merger happened, everyone said new management would be the end of poor labor relations at American. Some of us out here knew that was so far from the truth

  4. @Amapas – I wrote at the time that it was insane to think that US Airways management, who never managed to combine the East and West pilot groups, would be good for labor relations.

  5. The award was worth it, for it allowed the home office to re-open, if only for a moment, and remember the Letterman years! Buttafuoco! Thanks Gary!

  6. LMAO for the Letterman call-back! Perfect use of the Top-10 list & the Home Office. I’m glad they’ve finally been able to move to a warm climate.

  7. This has to be a “pay to play” award. How else could any sane, objective organization give them this award? How many $$$ did AA pAAy these guys?

  8. I’m in the AA Flagship LAX lounge right now, just had a shower, ate some delicious, near-gourmet food. Came off a flawless TPAC flight, one of 8 the past 12 months and more domestic flights. I like flying AA very much and their service for me, flying Business or First is always very good. I realize it seems to be trendy to bash AA (and United), but the reality is they provide good value. Flame away!

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