Lil Wayne Bonvoyed at the Ritz-Carlton St. Louis

Two competing narratives are developing over an altercation between Lil Wayne’s entourage and hotel staff in the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton St. Louis. In both versions Mr. Wayne and crew departed the hotel under duress, and the rapper and record executive blew off his show Saturday night with Blink 182.

In one telling the hotel guests were complaining about the pot smell coming from Lil Wayne’s room. The hotel asked him to “open his balcony doors to mitigate the smell” and this offended him that the crew stormed down to the lobby.

On the other hand, reps for the singer say the confrontation was over the hotel transferring calls up to his room when a fan kept asking for him by name and room number and that the confrontation was over “bad protocol.” (Somehow becoming sufficiently threatening of hotel staff to involve police, however, isn’t bad protocol.)

There’s also dispute over whether the group was kicked out or chose to depart in anger. Either way,

[P]olice were called to the Ritz around 10:00 AM CT due to a “disturbance” in the lobby involving several men, some of whom we’re told included Wayne’s entourage. We’re told a responding officer saw a man in LW’s security yelling at a clerk behind the desk.

    Ritz-Carlton St. Louis, Credit: Marriott

For the uninitiated, HBO’s Ballers opens with Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” (NSFW lyrics) which features Drake who was recently given a Boeing 767 free as an influencer by Canada’s CargoJet. (Drake is Canadian and even starred on the sequel to Canada’s teen melodrama Degrassi Junior High.)

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  1. Serious question. How was this being “Bonvoyed”? Seems like a hotel-guest altercation that wasn’t based in any way on their rewards program.

    Also, this is speculative celebrity gossip garbage. We really do expect more from your blog. #sorrynotsorry

  2. Describing him as a ‘singer’ is very charitable of you. Just what it is about this moronic discordant drivel that appeals to young people …goes way over my head. I’m glad they tossed him out; hopefully a lifetime ban follows in short order.

  3. Is pot legal there?

    If not, upon hearing other guests complain, the hotel should have called the cops and let them handle it.


  4. At least no one called that thing musician. Moronic,social misfits that get money from welfare dodgers. Classy ….

  5. Why are people making excuses for the Ritz management team? The hotel staff should be able to handle a minor nuisance complaint for smoking and not connecting unwanted fan phone calls without escalating the situation and involving the cops.

    If a hotel chooses to host an A list celebrity’s entourage, the hotel staff need to be up to the task. The Ritz St Louis shouldn’t accept celebrity bookings that they can’t deliver on.

  6. @charlie
    Not every A celebrity is an asshole
    Most of them probably are not, and this guy is probably a D list celebrity with a huge inferiority complex, like most people on those lists

  7. Little Wayne learn how to write proper english then people may have more respect for you and no you’re not a singer. Garbage in and garbage out.

  8. He complained that they were continually forwarding “fan calls” to his room, which is highly suspect. Who the eff uses a HOTEL PHONE anymore? And if they did, why not just unplug it from the wall if fans keep getting through?

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