American Airlines Now Allows Passengers To Specify Their Gender As U or X

Earlier this year a new airline standard was rolled out no longer requiring passengers to declare a gender to fly. Several states provide an ‘X’ option on their IDs for gender.

United Airlines was first to offer both U(undisclosed) and X(unspecified) as a gender option this spring. Since on or about December 10th American Airlines has adopted this standard.

American tells reservations agents, “AACoRN will display a blank space for some AAdvantage customers that don’t have a gender code registered in [CRM system] Ventana. When AACoRN displays a blank space ensure you change the gender code to M, F, U or X as applicable”

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  1. Which is interesting, because I believe that TSA technically wont fully honor this when being scanned…

  2. Awesome. All the world’s problems are officially solved. Reality is defeated. Is no longer is…is is whatever someone feels it is.

  3. Y’all. It’s eminently clear that this matters a lot to people, and it has zero effect on your life.

    Maybe ask yourselves what about this makes you so angry?

  4. This is the right thing to do. It doesn’t impact negatively on anyone but it respectful of those in this situation. Good.

  5. “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’

  6. @Sam don’t misinterpret it as anger. I, and many others, just think it’s incredibly stupid that this is where society is, that facts and reality no longer matter. Whatever in your mind you think you are, male, female, porpoise, etc. Biologically 99.9999% of the time you are factually either a male or female. Government should neither indulge people in their delusions, not force everyone else to do the same. Having said that, you can call yourself what you want, dress how you want, bang who you want, who cares…but this is just getting ridiculous. Even Thailand, land of the ladyboys, requires their original gender on ID cards. The don’t pretend to be a woman, they know they are ladyboys and are proud of it. Take a lesson, American confused people.

  7. Even more stupid to waste time debating something that has zero effect on someone who identifies themselves within the previously existing options.

    That book again…

  8. Absolutely ludicrous !! You’re either M or F. Anything else and you’e either mentally defective or psychologically challenged. Bruce/Caitlyn is a prime example. Try pulling this nonsense when you apply for a US Passport (or any Passport).

    American Airlines makes itself the butt of endless jokes with this policy, but then, look at American’s leadership and you realize you’re in a House of Mirrors !!

  9. If gender is a purely arbitrary construct why bother asking it in the first place at all? What is possibly going to be done knowing this information in the context of flying that would make any difference in how a customer will be treated?

  10. Airline requiring the gender because of the flight balance issue. With the big data they count the avg weight of different gender AND age group to assign pax seats.
    Also if there’s an accident, authorities use DNA to assist identifying pax.

  11. What about Y or N?
    For that matter, why ask for Race? Or, why not ask for Religion … for food purposes, right? Or, allergies?
    Someone mentioned weight, but they don’t ask that. Age is not asked, but certainly relevant in a post mortem identification process, right?
    Hair color? That changes with a bottle of selsun blue. Maybe answer D for dyed? N for natural? J if you have two tones like… JayLeno.
    Why ask anything since, for like 0.08 per customer, google can tell the airlines, TSA, etc everything about every crew member, passenger, and stow away, on the plane before take off, even if every device is put on airplane mode before you hop on. They probably know the contents of the luggage, so that when you land, three emails with advertisements for pajamas are in your regular inbox because, wouldn’t you know it, you forgot to pack the pajamas.

  12. Oh, for fuck’s sake!!!
    This shit is getting ridiculous!!! Male or female, that is it!!!
    Science and facts do NOT care about your feelings.

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