American Drops My Elite Status Buy Up Price Again

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  1. Does American really decide upgrade priority among EXP members based on final 2019 EQD?

    Do other airlines do this? My understanding of United’s was it goes status then fare class, but if they’re using dollars to rank you by status then what’s the point of going any further?

  2. I think it was trying to imply that the EQD were necessary to get him to the next status, from Platinum to EXP.

    My understanding is that its similar to United in that status, fare class, and time of request are what matters for each individual upgrade request. So if he missed EXP by $300 in spend for 2019, he’d have the lower status of Platinum for all of 2020 until he qualified for EXP in 2020.

  3. @Steve – not final 2019 EQDs, but rather rolling 12 month EQDs. Subtle but important difference. I am not aware of another carrier that does this.

  4. Gary, despite earning over 10K more EQM since the buyback period – and in fact, requalifying for gold requalification – my platinum buyback offer hasn’t budged a single mile or dollar. The only change has been that the gold requalification offer has disappeared. Any idea why it’s different for me, or who I might be able to contact about a potentially revised offer?

  5. I just got a call from my Hyatt Concierge this week. She informed I am being given EXP status through Jan 2021 on AA based on my Hyatt relationship (90 nights this year). That’s great as I only use AA for award tickets so had no status before.
    I hope I get to bump Gary from the upgrades a few times this year 🙂

  6. The article that Austin-San Jose “May” work is crazy. Of course it will work and, as many will remember, American previously had that route (when San Jose was a “mini-hub” like Nashville and Raleigh in late 90s-early 2000s). Silicon Valley to Silicon Prairie is a natural given the number of companies with operations in both areas or that have business relationships

  7. I too got free Executive Platinum status (yawn)
    Would never earn it as its a joke to pay for it.
    Feel sorry for anyone having to support American Airlines based on how they treat customers these days
    I was a supporter of AA until Doug Parker ruined the program and every aspect of American
    The worst Airline Executive witnessed in my lifetime
    What are we left with a program in shambles
    and 400k and up one way awards in Business class to Europe
    The upside now?
    5000 point awards occasionally on AA metal with 3 connections taking 16 hours to get there?
    Sorry I’ll fly Southwest & Alaska and be there in a third of the time and be treated well
    Good luck to American
    I am flying mostly International carriers and heavily involved in a variety of
    programs that are more competitive have vastly lower award change fees without having to hold status as well as lower priced premium cabin awards

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