American Airlines Offers A Shocking Response To Customer’s Refund Request [Roundup]

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  1. Gary,

    You need to get over things becoming ‘normal’. Even a vaccine will take at least 1 year, but probably 2 years just to get people vaccinated. After that there will millions who will refuse to get vaccinated. Things will never be ‘normal’, again. It will be post-Covid-19 world, and we will have to get used to it!

  2. @JohnB – you don’t need a totally effective vaccine, or for everyone to take it, to return to semi-normal. You need some combination of people taking the vaccine + people who have recently had the virus + people with pre-existing immunity. And that doesn’t take two years or total compliance.

  3. Horrible timing on the BLM pin announcement. If it came 3 months ago would have been fine. Now? BLM = riots.

  4. There isn’t going to be a return to normal with regards to the virus or politics. Sadly we’ve turned a corner into 100% my way or FU and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Fortunately it is maybe 20% of the people that way but they are determined to cause trouble and act as 3 yr olds who don’t understand reason or compromise.

    People need to get over the BLM stuff. Most just want fairness, again there is a fringe element that want trouble. Not a whole lot different than the NRA or the republicans with the extremists determine to cause trouble and brag about it.

  5. American states they are striving to be inclusive. If that is the case then it must either include all or none. You cannot be inclusive if you specifically exclude others. What is so hard to understand here.

  6. @JohnB, life will go back to normal for me once we have the vaccine. Let those who refuse to take it be banned from transportation and indoor venues, so the rest of us can have our lives back. This miserable COVID existence must not be perpetuated one second long than necessary.

  7. I can’t believe the company that I work for would allow such devisive labels. We are only supposed to wear our wings and union pins. No More. Nor should we. Politics and Religion is high on passion. Allowing any thing like this is creating a hostile work enviroment. No matter what side you are on. This is not the October Breast cancer awareness that affects everyone.

  8. Skygal1, well said!! It is contradictory to the work place harassment training course we all took about creating hostile work environment.

  9. Every person who’s not a racist should be supporting civil rights and black lives matter. Those who condemn the movement are part of the racist bigot contingent still supporting Donald Trump. Trump without a doubt has proven himself to be a racist bigot, serial adulterer, pathological liar, misogynist, con man and Thief. Those who still support him should not be surprised when they’re painted with the same brush.

  10. @ Ben James: What EXACTLY has Trump said or done to deserve your hateful racist label?

    I’ll tell you. NOTHING! Pull you hateful head out of CNN’s gaping asshole and try thinking for yourself for a change, you fucking lying prick.

  11. Great. I support BLM but I also support all lives. What is their end game? Having everyone wear pins? At some point you need to let it be known what it is you are striving to achieve. If it is the complete end of racism then I think that is not possible. Desirable but impossible. It is the world we live in and at some point we have to accept it is not perfect. Martin Luther King was a peaceful advocate and I respect his words then and now. Perhaps folks should re-examine them.

  12. Ben James I am neither a racist nor a black lives matter supporter. I believe that all lives matter regardless or race, color, creed, or religion. I am against looting, arson, and murder. I can’t say 100% because there is always the exception to the rule, but nearly 100% of all people of any color shot by the police have a common thread. They are felons, or have created a felony, pulled a deadly weapon, or are in the process of pulling a deadly weapon, and are resisting arrest. Look at the high profile cases and the outcome of the trials. In almost every case the police are acquitted because the evidence shows that they acted with policy. Those that are convicted because of the evidence deserve the punishment they are handed. I have not heard our President say a single racist thing. I have heard Joe Biden thing say things such as “If you don’t vote for me you’re not black” and if I were a black person I would be greatly offended by that, the same as if he said “If you don’t vote for me you’re not white.” I predict the officers charged in the death of George Floyd will be acquitted at trial. The mass media won’t report it but Mr. Floyd had a lethal level of fentanyl in his system and was complaining about not being able to breath before they even got him out of his vehicle. This is a common tactic used by criminals to avoid going to jail and be taken to the hospital instead. They may be convicted of a lesser charge of some kind of neglect for not having him transported to the hospital but he began struggling with them the moment they tried to get him out of his vehicle, so I’m not even sure if they were even able to determine that he needed some kind of medical assistance. This will all come out at trial the way it should come out. Vote how you want to vote and believe what you want to believe but don’t call those that don’t see the world as you do racist.

  13. @Amazing Larry

    Trump has a multi-decade long record of racism, dating back to the 1970s, when the Department of Justice sued his company for violating the Fair Housing Act and refusing to rent to Black people. Over time, his racist acts have included his scaremongering about the Central Park Five (who were proven innocent) and his support of the racist birther conspiracy theory about Obama. Just last week he was trying to stoke racist sentiment and scare white suburbanites by warning that if his opponent wins, Black people will move to the suburbs.

  14. Ben James you are the racist by your very comments! American is not being inclusive. They are excluding the MAJORITY of their customers who do not agree with the BLM movements basic premises. I will fly other airlines as much as I can. That is my protest! Companies as a whole should stay out of political forays. In the long run it only costs them customers and money.

  15. BLM is a movement, not an organization with a headquarters and letterhead. BLM does not equal riots. The riots are brought about by –
    – Opportunists not part of BLM who see an opportunity to get free stuff. The BLM people hate these opportunists.
    – Anarchists, not part of BLM, who see an opportunity to cause chaos and bring about the glorious revolution.
    – Boogaloo Bois and their extreme right wing comrades, who see an opportunity to start a civil race war, and cause others who do not pay attention to think it’s BLM doing this.

  16. @Sane Guy: “The mass media won’t report it but Mr. Floyd had a lethal level of fentanyl in his system and was complaining about not being able to breath before they even got him out of his vehicle. This is a common tactic used by criminals to avoid going to jail and be taken to the hospital instead.”
    Since the media will not report your “facts,” just where did you get YOUR facts?

  17. Alan:
    I got my facts from watching the video, not the short version put out by the main stream media but the long one from the body cams of the officers. You can read his autopsy and the coroner ruled that he had a lethal amount of drugs in his system but stopped short of saying that was the cause of death. That is why I believe that the officers will be acquitted. For the record I do think as soon as they got him in cuffs the officers knee should have come off the neck and losing his job and pension is some type of punishment, however it should be up to a judge and jury to decide not the public or the press. And they are THE facts, not mine. Have you always been stupid or are you just working extra hard at it today? Or are you just so filled with hatred of the police that you don’t care about justice or the facts you just want a police officer convicted of murder and executed?

  18. @ rich

    No difference between BLM and the NRA??? One is burning, looting, and attacking innocent people. The other fights for the US Constitution.

    What a utter buffoon you are.

  19. Its very disappointing that corporations, such as Delta and American Airlines, take positions on socially explosive issues such as BLM, a divisive collection of hypocrites. Until such time as BLM marches into all-black neighborhoods throughout the country highlighting the surmounting number of deaths of blacks by other blacks, and taking a stance on the real issues that keep so many of their kind in economic hardship, I can’t support their misguided causes of burning, looting and rioting. They should focus on keeping children safe, while insisting that a high school graduation is vital to success. It’s neither perceived police brutalities nor the illusion of white privilege that has been the bane of their position on society’s rung. If it was simply a matter racism, then we would not have so many wildly successful blacks in professional sports, the arts, business, etc. The ones left behind are generally high school dropouts who refuse to accept personal responsibility to move forward. It’s always easier and more politically expedient to certain parties to blame racism which shifts the blame off on one’s self and to others. After six decades of affirmative action that is biased towards blacks, too many continue to find themselves dissatisfied with their choices in life because they seek an external solution, rather than an introspection.

  20. @careltonm
    Perhaps you should pay attention to what the BLM leadership is saying. NY BLM head, we are at war with the police and we put together teams like the Black Panthers did to protect our hoods.
    Chicago BLM head, it is ok to loot because our ability to rob and burn are just reparations, all Trumps fault I guess……

  21. @Amazing Larry first you lose credibility when you chose to use profanity or to denigrate a fellow commenter

    But since you don’t believe Donald Trump is a racist – its as simple as googling – “Trump Racist Statements”

    The 15 most offensive things that have come out of Trump’s … › article › 15-most-offensive-things-tr…
    Dec 8, 2015 – While claiming to ‘cherish women’ and to be the ‘least racist person,’ Trump has offered up some shocking comments.

    Trump’s Racism: An Oral History – The › archive › trump-racism-comments
    His racism and intolerance have always been in evidence; only slowly did he begin to understand how to use them to his advantage.

    Trump’s long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2020 – › donald-trump-racist-racism-history
    Jul 25, 2016 – If you ask President Donald Trump, he isn’t racist. To the contrary, he’s repeatedly said that he’s “the least racist person that you’ve ever …

    The Ever-Growing List of Trump’s Most Racist Rants | by … › trump-keeps-saying-racist-things-he…
    Oct 11, 2019 – The president’s remarks about Black protesters and coronavirus during a campaign rally in Tulsa are just the latest examples …

    I honestly do not understand why supporters of this man are so fragile about any critique of the Orange one.

  22. Black people: “Please stop killing us.”

    Conservatives: “Stopping state sponsored extrajudicial killings by agents of the state is Marxism!!!!!”

    Is it just me who is confused here?

  23. BLM matters to all but the racists out there and several David Szerlag and the insane racist above who calls himself sane, Cmorgan who openly admits he is a racist and dirty mouthed racist “Amazing Larry” who is just amazingly racist…. and the few others

  24. To the Sane Guy, Please do not use crass language. It shows that in your own mind, you have lost the argument.
    Besides, Fentanyl causes respiratory depression. There is NO way that a person struggling would have “lethal amount of Fentanyl”. So, your “facts” are simply not facts. Best regards.

  25. It seems to me that people who don’t like their cities getting destroyed by riots, lootings, and burnings are equated to racists nowadays…

    The issue of black on black crime is conveniently forgotten because it’s not sensational enough to generate readership…

    This young generation is petrified of being labeled a racist that they can’t think for themselves why it’s *predominantly* one race that gets into troubles so much more than the others.

    They are easily influenced by the media, which has an agenda of their own. Remove the filter for thoughts that they had deemed racist, to find the root cause, then maybe they’ll finally see it’s not racist after all. Only social science, statistics, and facts.

    Lastly, I believe the police who knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes was unquestionably in the wrong, and has to pay for his actions. Police brutality and power trips by people in this type of occupations in the US are very real, and as a minority myself, I experienced it many times. However, solving this will go no further to solve the real issues, which are deeply ingrained in the culture of the said race. I have absolutely no doubt that these liberal social justice keyboard warriors, who are protesting from the comfort of their pajamas in their hip condos, will start seeing why things are the way they are, once they spent a couple weeks in inner city ghetto neighborhoods. It’ll open your eyes, like it did mine when I landed in one of the ghettoest areas of Brooklyn when I first came to this country, at 16 years old, blank slate, but old enough to come to conclusions that have been reinforced over and over throughout the years.

    Like Kenneth above said, the real issues are not external.

  26. @Ryan is absolutely spot on. Got any hot daughters (18+) Ryan? Please let me know I will take them out on dates.

  27. BLM pins, are you kidding me!! I will transfer those miles and switch my loyalty. I wasn’t aware American Air was that racist! Very sad!

  28. I am throughly disgusted and upset to read that American Airlines as well as Delta Airlines are supporting the BLM organization movement. I have no idea why both airlines are backing a Marxist, terrorist organization who’s primary agenda is the overthrow of the United States Government. They also want the destruction of many downtown sections and historic buildings and monuments as well as both black and white owned business’. They have no distinction between small privately owned business’ and large ones in their destruction of our cities and government. They are currently attacking innocent people who did support their movement but because they happened to be standing around watching the protests they began attacking and brutally beating them. I have personally donated to a number of local historic buildings and monuments only to now see them defaced and several damaged for no reason at all. Now they have to use money we have donated to repair this STUPID destruction! They leave their BLM letters spray painted all over buildings, monuments and religious property.
    So I have no use for the group and the sooner that law and order can be restored will be a lot better. I just hope that the leadership of both American and Delta come to their senses and quit supporting this Maxist organization that is a trying to destroy the USA before it’s too late!


  29. #Ed,

    You are now going to be attacked by all the left wingers on here and you’ll be called a racist and everything else know to man kind. I agree with you and every word you’ve written!

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