Man Sang “Trump, Trump, Trump” Over And Over As He Got Kicked Off An American Airlines Flight

A passenger on Saturday evening’s American Airlines AA883 from Phoenix to Chicago O’Hare delayed all of his fellow customers by an hour when he refused to wear a mask and was removed from the flight.

As he was escorted off the Boeing 737-800, the man sang to himself and anyone in the cabin inclined to listen, “Trump Trump Trump Trump, Trump Trump Trump.”

The greatest irony is that the passenger is actually wearing a mask as he’s taken off the aircraft. It’s a little low on the nose, but he had a mask, so I’m not sure what sort of conscientious objector he thinks he is. And if he’d just worn the mask during the boarding process he’d have gotten to Chicago last night.

I shared this video with a friend who wondered if it was just the passenger’s way of removing himself from the flight once he realized he’d be flying on American’s new ‘no legroom’ Oasis configuration.

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  1. This is a worldwide issue, so Americans shouldn’t think you have these cretinous clowns to yourselves. Australia has a fair number of them: fortunately carted off by the police when they try to demonstrate about masks/lockdowns/COVID hoaxes. I’ve seen some moronic behaviour in my time, but these rabid whackos really take the cake. I think it would be best for everyone to ‘em up in a detention facility until there’s a vaccine or treatment….

  2. Was the passenger in the video wearing no mask on the flight before or was his “bandana mask” unacceptable as a mask and he refused to switch it for another or had no other? As for the reference to Trump – completely irrelevant. Seen plenty of wingnuts, left wing and right wing. BTW, since social media has come up with the term “Karen,” I would like to inaugurate the term “Clara” to apply to young, privileged, wealthy, white, Democrat women who attend private schools and colleges and protest BLM and other causes by senseless rioting or looting. New York recently arrested one such Clara for rioting and property destruction in Manhattan. In the name of BLM, we all need to assure the Claras get no white privilege at their trial and sentencing.

  3. Time for financial retribution in these cases. He delayed the plane by an hour? He gets fined an amount such that each passenger and crew member can be paid $100.

  4. Good for that man who has a God given right to speak and sing. And no, it’s not because of leg room he got kicked off, but because of a bunch of overly sensitive little cry babies who are offended at anything and everything.
    Trump, Trump Trump Trump

  5. @aloha Sure as hell there are no young, privileged, wealthy, white Republican women who attend private schools and colleges and protest against BLM and other causes by senseless rioting or looting. It’s only Democrats who do this. Ha!Ha! Talk about white privilege, only chump would pardon such despicable a-holes like stone, blogiovech, milliken and others. C-H-U-M-P F-O-O-L-S

  6. and what about the girl in the video with her mask DOWN below her nose. Hmmmm.
    let’s criticize everyone! don’t get me started on the BLM pins that AA attendants are wearing. If I hadn’t already book my next flight with AA.. I will book with another in the future.
    So should I wear my Trump pin on my next AA flight? Not if I value my life.

  7. @Alan
    Because he is a white, privileged, gun toting, evangelical beer slob. Must also be a FF wearing his white t-shirt and baseball cap.on backwards. Typical chump supporter.

  8. Not a good look for the Trump crowd when the snowflake can’t figure out how to make a mask work and can only manage songs that have a single word. If Gucci Gang is too tough for you, you’ve got problems.

  9. Hey Rog, it took me a few hours to verify Clara’s bonifides, especially her connection to the party of the jackass (she was a Young Jackass at school in Texas and has also been made cash contributions). My Democrat SO was sure Clara was a Republican, but then she never does any research (I’m a retired old school journalist, auditor and fraud examiner). Put your money where your mouth is and find me a young white, Republican (party of the elephant) female with traceable party affiliation and a record of cash contributions, who is from a wealthy home, protests for BLM and has been arrested for rioting or looting or destruction of property during a protest. My educated guess is that she is probably about as easy to find as a unicorn, but prove me wrong. BTW, pardons are another subject entirely and you fail to mention Pardongate and the highly unusual pardon of Marc Rich.. As I recall, longtime Clinton supporters and Democratic leaders such as former President Jimmy Carter, James Carville and Terry McAuliffe, were all critical of the Clinton pardon. Carter said Clinton’s pardons (collectively known as Pardongate) were “disgraceful.”

  10. I just don’t know what those people think they are proving? That they are complete idiots and are willing to lose time or money to prove it?

    And 99% of those people are getting no real support from Trump anyhow. Income has gone down under trump (prior to the virus), debt up 50% as part of the GDP, and most of the USA infrastructure, medical, etc. has gotten worse and worse.

    Treaties he has pulled out and tried to renegotiate haven’t improved anything for the US. Farmers, exporters, etc. are still hurting in most cases. And no coal didn’t make a come back. Like his entire business empire, it mostly collapses and fails.

    Be a republican is one thing but to support trump is just a moronic thing. He has zero interest in the future of the US, all he cares about is himself and maybe his daughter. The rest of them he would bail on if he could make a buck off of them.

  11. @ rich

    WRONG. Income absolutely DID NOT go down pre-corona, and your other comments are just as moronic. But keep burning down cities – it’s doing great in the polls.

  12. I agree with the idea that these knuckleheads should be hit with fines for delaying flights. When you buy the ticket you agreeing to abide by the rules. If people don’t want to wear masks then the solution is to not take flights. Acting like a dumbass and causing a situation should be severely punished.

  13. @Jim

    I think Rich may mean real spendable income – there hasn’t been any real movement in wage growth. There had be growth in job growth.

    That said inflation which was Trump Administration caused by tariffing everything insight- was a tax on the American People reducing our buying power on already non growing wages.

    Which is what I think he was asserting.

    The Trump Administration seems as if it is run as if by a Dictator – little thought it seems outwardly, about decisions made about how they affect us all.

    Just however the lil emperor feels on a certain day or maybe someone wasn’t nice to him.

    The postmortems of this Administration should make interesting reads.

    Also, too – you really shouldn’t accuse people of criminal acts absent some evidence. He made no indication he was a III% or a Boogaloo baby… so I just don’t get it.

  14. Bill’s right. The clearly stated rule is that masks are mandatory. If you don’t like it, don’t take the bus.

    And if you’re going to pull a stunt for whatever reason … be prepared for the consequences. These idiots who think they can delay 100+ other passengers need to be fined big time. It may be a joke to them but the rest of the plane isn’t laughing.

  15. wow, the racists who comment..Sam, AlohaDaveKennedy. and Kim L Davis must really hate Black people, byw Kim perhaps you should just wear your Trump pin at KKK meetings where you can feel at home

  16. Pretty sad that a percentage of the population takes a pandemic that has unquestionable health impacts, and make political statements.

    What does that say about the ring leader? He’d rather have the adoration of his fans than the well being of the people?

  17. Trump is an absolute genius for tricking poor, uneducated, or rural folks into thinking that HE’S their savior.

    A corrupt, incompetent, and slimy, New York businessman with a history of failed ventures. How does one manage to bankrupt multiple casinos? They literally print money!

  18. Allen, why would I hate black people given I have black cousins in my family, have employed blacks, been employed by blacks and worked well with blacks as a scout leader, lifeguard and divemaster? I have no problems with blacks, only black Marxists who call blacks (a high risk group for Covid 19) into the streets during a pandemic. Being high risk for the same reason as many blacks (asthma) I can’t condone the BLM leaders and protests, nor the burning and looting they inspire or assist. As for being a racist, I though those in the party of the jackass only called Republicans racist. I am a registered independent, although my father was a Republican and my SO, mother and grandmother Democrats. As for the KKK, history tells us we have those in the party of the jackass to thank for it as well as all the dead in the War Between the States. When BLM demands reparations, I can honestly say we already gave in the office. In fact, my son’s cousin Lincoln died for the sins of the jackasses. I understand the deep guilt every Democrat must bear for slavery, dead soldiers, Jim Crow atrocities, and the riots and looting going on in all the Democrat-run cities, but toppling all the monuments of Confederate Democrats and burning down all the cities run by Democrats run will not wash away one iota of that guilt.

  19. There are so many problems facing our country (all attributable to some aspect of cultural Marxism) and not enough natural forces present active to right the ship of State and correct the degradation of Western culture. Everyone flails away at the branches, in this instance some controversy about mask requirements for a questionable influenza epidemic.. I say we must STRIKE AT THE ROOT!…or we are lost as a civilization descending into an Orwellian nightmare.

    The current model of banking and currency is based on the Bank of England model, founded in 1694. Benjamin Franklin stated that the main reason for the American Revolutionary War was the insistence by George III that the American colonies accept Bank of England banknotes, which were issued as promissory notes, rather than use the increasingly successful American fiat script, issued by the colonies in the CORRECT quantity and not bearing debt! We must be prepared for a new monetary system, an honest one, when our present debt-based banking cartel collapses. Kindly read and critique this proposed Constitutional Amendment. But first, a little background…

    From “The Truth in Money Book” by Theodore R. Thorsen and Richard F Warner:
    QUOTE Someone had to borrow at usury to bring that money [checkbook balances, bills and coins] into existence. The money goes out of existence as the usury and the debt principal are paid back to the bank. These amounts are huge: several billion dollars go out of existence each day. [Actually this money goes into the reserve accounts of the Federal Reserve Banks, out of the hands of the public! This book was first printed in November 1980. The amounts which are withdrawn presently are much larger.] If the money is not replaced with new loans, a shortage occurs. Soon individuals and businesses experience serious cash flow problems. These result in more and more loan applications to banks—the only place where money is being created to replenish the supply” UNQUOTE

    Here is one possible solution—-To Hell with Fractional-Reserve Debt-Based Banking Constitutional Amendment

    (1) Rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and rename existing Federal Reserve notes and check book balances, in all U.S. banking and credit-creating institutions as well as foreign holdings of dollars, on a 1-to-1 basis, as U.S. Treasury Dollars and U.S.Treasury-Denominated bank balances. All currently existing financial contracts of the Federal Reserve Banking System, including United States Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, and Inflation-Protected Securities, remain in effect.

    (2) Henceforward, ex nihilo credit creation by banking and financial institutions in the United States is prohibited. Loans are required to originate from previous savings of U.S. Treasury Dollars and U.S. Treasury-Denominated bank balances, which for each loan are held in and paid from specific sequestered loan accounts by the various financial institutions, with interest charges and term limits for each loan to be determined solely by the contracting parties. Non-cash reserves held in the regional Federal Reserve Banks in accounts of the member institutions of the Federal Reserve System no longer form the basis for credit creation and are extinguished via accounting erasure. Any further payments of principal and interest on currently-existing promissory notes owned by any bank are required to be distributed to holders of savings accounts and checking accounts in that bank in a manner to be determined by each bank, such procedures to be transparent to savings or checking account holders at that bank in terms of amount and frequency of payment. Regional Federal Reserve Banks continue to provide check-clearing operations for the member banks.

    (3) Monetary transactions of the regional Federal Reserve banks or of its member banks with international banks, including the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund, can not include ex nihilo credit creation.

    (4) The U.S. Treasury supplies Treasury Dollars as needed to any member bank of the Federal Reserve system to satisfy demands for cash by deposit and savings account holders in excess of cash reserves held by banks at the time of enactment of this amendment.

    (5) Fund the U.S. government and its agencies and projects directly via Treasury Dollars authorized by the Congress in its yearly federal budget. The borrowing of money from the Federal Reserve system of banks or from other institutions or individuals to pay for federal government expenditures is prohibited. All outstanding Treasury Securities are henceforward redeemed on demand via payment with U.S. Treasury Dollars.

    (6) Abolish the Federal Income Tax on individuals, corporations, and business enterprises while maintaining a social security tax on individual incomes. Social security retirement revenues are strictly sequestered in Federal Government Retirement Accounts held by the U.S. Treasury and managed by the Social Security Administration. The Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is hereby rescinded and the Internal Revenue Service disbanded.

    (7) Institute a federal sales tax with a varying yearly tax rate adjusted by the U.S. Congress in session, the sole aim of such adjustments being to maintain a stable or decreasing Consumer Price Index based on data collected by the Federal Government. Any such federal sales taxes taken in by the Federal Government are extinguished from the currency supply to keep the Consumer Price Index stable or decreasing and are not utilized for further funding.

    (8) Clause 1, Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution is amended to read as follows: The Congress shall have Power to collect customs duties on imports and exports, uniformly applied throughout the United States.

    (9) Clause 2, Article 1, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution is rescinded.

    (10) The adoption of this amendment does not prohibit the use by the citizens of the United States of any alternative currencies they should choose to use in their private or commercial transactions.

  20. ” old school journalist, auditor and fraud examiner” ….. 😀 ROTFLOL 😀

    Amusingly, those quoted words are from someone who — in the pursuit of supporting Trump — has repeatedly peddled fraudulent claims on blogs. The person’s “competencies” must be a product of the Trump University of his time. 😀

  21. What if this “Trump” hummer was actually just looking to try to make Trump even less popular with Arizona voters than is already the case? There’s enough ridiculous stuff in this blog comments section, so why not throw that up too. 😉

  22. @Dennis – Letting people print their own money – what could possibly go wrong? LOL.

    @AlohaDaveKennedy – The people whose beliefs led them to Democrat affiliation in the 1800’s are now Republicans. I’m not a Democrat but it’s only fair to state that they are the party pressing for racial and ethnic progress. If you feel otherwise, ask members of each party how much progress needs to be made; I think you’ll see one that says lots and one that says little to none.

  23. @Kim Davis,
    Why are you so bothered that AA Flt Att’s are allowed ( not forced ) to wear BLM pins? Passengers wear their red MAGA hats all the time. I’m sure that doesn’t bother you.
    Also I’m sure when you fly on another airline, none of their employees will be supporting BLM !!!
    ( insert sarcasm)
    You’re ridiculous

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