Passenger Who Charged Cockpit, Broke Flight Controls And Tried To Jump Out Window RELEASED

Update: This passenger has been released from custody. The government of Honduras says American Airlines didn’t press charges. American, for its part, says they plan to do so.

American Airlines flight 488 from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to Miami is delayed 7 hours this evening after a passenger ran down the jetway and onto the aircraft, charged into the cockpit damaging flight controls, and tried to jump out the window, as first reported by ABC’s Sam Sweeney. A pilot who was in the cockpit tried to stop the shenanigans.

The six year old Boeing 737-800 was damaged, and the airline sent a replacement aircraft to pick up passengers rather than cancelling the flight.

It’s not clear what the man wanted to accomplish, or what may have motivated him. It’s also not clear what was to be gained by preventing him from jumping out the window – probably many delayed passengers would have been in favor! – though that might have delayed other aircraft as well.

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  1. If this passenger wasn’t wearing his face mask properly, American Airlines should consider kicking this passenger out of the flight deck and even off the aircraft. I think he was overexcited to be flying to Miami (MIA) to participate in the daily beat-downs at the MIA departure gates. Furthermore, boisterous passengers must be extremely careful to avoid damaging flight controls on the flight deck because a delayed departure will further inconvenience passengers and he will forfeit earning valuable AAdvantage miles.

  2. Da boys from Chicaga took care of Adam by redistricting him into retirement. No need to primary him. The D’s took him out.

  3. Why surprised? Just like every democratic city in the US.

    Loot, steal, arson? No drama, you’ll get released asap to do it again.

  4. American couldn’t figure out how to file charges so the guy wouldn’t be released? You have to fault AA here for not realizing it is their job to start the wheels of justice for damage to their aircraft rather than blaming the Honduran legal system.

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