Former Miss Universe Told To Cover Up In Order To Fly American Airlines

Former Miss Universe and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Olivia Culpo was asked to cover up in order to be allowed to fly American Airlines to Cabo on Thursday.

Her sister Aurora shared the experience in her Instagram stories. She said that Olivia was called up to the counter at the gate and told she needed to “put on a blouse” or she wouldn’t be allowed to fly.

The pageant winner and actress is seen wearing a black sweater, sports bra, and shots in the video. In the video they found another passenger on the plane with a revealing top who was allowed to fly without covering up.

Olivia took it all in stride, re-posting her sister’s stories to her own Instagram account alongside caption, “Leave it to Aurora to cause a scene. Hide me.”

American’s policy says “Dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.” They want a policy so they can enforce it in egregious cases, but it’s more or less left to the discretion of frontline employees to figure out what it means. Does her outfit seem to violate the policy?

In addition to her sister, Culpo was accompanied by boyfriend Carolina Panthers Christian McCaffrey. She previously dated Nick Jonas, appearing in one of his music videos, and also Tim Tebow. Culpo won Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe all in her first year competing in pageants in 2012.

Naturally their flight to Cabo was delayed, and her sister filmed McCaffrey across the aisle maskless later in the story as well.

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  1. […] Missing her flight was going to mean missing an “important meeting” so she “pleaded to stay on the flight.” As a general rule, if you have a truly can’t-miss meeting then taking the flight that arrives ‘just in time’ is a bad idea. Flights delay and cancel all the time. And dress codes get applied reasonably but inconsistently. Just ask former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo. […]


  1. Good on the AA frontline staffer here. Hard to believe I am saying that. Any passenger dressed in this fashion is a … what Fauci called that congressman although that was punching down because Fauci is from the big city east coast and that congressman was from the heartland.

  2. Is she an heiress to a candy bar fortune?

    If so… that’s egregious, and preposterous… lewd, lascivious, salacious… OUTRAGEOUS!

  3. “frontline staffer” let’s settle down. She’s dressed enough, this should have been a complete non-issue from AA.

  4. I’m curious how they called her up to the desk? (I’m presuming the agent did not know she was a former Miss Universe?) Did the gate agent ask for the lady wearing the black sports bra to come up to the gate desk?

  5. Sorry, but sports bras are inappropriate for air travel imho, or unless you are on a private a/c. You are not allowed to wear a 2 piece swim suit on board either. Why is it so hard for people to wear a plain ole t shirt or a blouse anymore? Just cover up!!

  6. So why is Olivias sister taking her mask of to speak while videoing? And why does your brain tell you, “ this is acceptable attire for air travel”. Seriously? An emergency evacuation will burn the legs on Oliva and then she’d be suing American for injuries. Dress like your going to impress. You’d be amazed how our attire effects daily living.

  7. Social media whores always looking to either be perpetually offended or post something shallow and meaningless about themselves generally half naked for clicks

  8. Oh, Olivia. Learn to own it. Your sister is a tramp. Save the theatrics for the train both of you will be pulling at the resort in Cabo.

  9. Boggles the mind that after all this time people still can’t figure out what is not appropriate on a plane.

  10. Ah yes…the “special people” who have no regard for common sense requirements that benefit the majority. Some “two bit” beauty queen winner (who few if any care about) who thinks this makes her “special” seeking attention and yet another multi-millionaire “jock” who seem to think they now rule the world. Is he too cheap to charter his own ride? Oh yes, and there’s the sister who includes herself in the “entitled” group. Good on American……hopefully they won’t fold up their tent and throw this back on the gate agent…..

  11. Another narcissistic personality disorder Instagram ass model is offended by the patriarchy. Ho hum…

  12. I would rather see this kind of ” disruption ” than those disruptions caused by the Trump Supporters….

  13. DaveS. can not wait to see your Wife, MOm and Daughers were that to an airport. we call them SLOTS here.

    She really thought she was going to Planet Fitnes to work out for $10 a month.

    Nothing like wearing a bra out in public.

    Now can a guy wear a just a jockstrap and get away with it too? Or will AA be upset?

  14. Her outfit was inappropriate for multiple reasons : 1) If there is a need to evacuate the plane for any reason, she would be hurting. Always dress in a way that you can function in an emergency (they don’t put those flotation devices under the seats for fun). IMHO women should always wear pants that cover you waist (or hips if you prefer) to ankle to prevent friction burns if you do have to evacuate down one of those plastic (.?) slides. Wear a shirt that you can move around in enough to get yourself out without flashing your boobs or other lady parts to others ( you may live looking at your body but not everyone else does) and to protect your skin against wind or should always wear flats when flying for reason mentioned above. Someone needs to teach her what is appropriate to wear in different situations. You don’t wear a sports bra anywhere except the gym. Wearing a tiny bikini is acceptable at the beach but not off the beach without a cover. You don’t wear white to a wedding unless you are the bride, etc. She was desperate for attention. Her sister is an idiot for making the video, especially since she thinks she so privileged that taking her mask off couldn’t possibly hurt others, bedsides this video was far more important to her that protecting the health of those around her. As my great grandmother would say: “Someone needs to knock some sense into both those girls.” Neither woman seems to have the sense god tried to give them. The guys that posted above about wishing they were seated between you, they don’t say that because they want to get to know who you really are, they just would hope to get laid. Is that the kind of guys you enjoy, they use you then dump you, Ifso… well, you are in for a life of disappointments.

  15. Just shut your mouth and cover up. Why do people have to make an issue out of everything that don’t go their way…

  16. If wearing just your underwear as a top is OK the the ladies should have no problem with CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin boarding their plane in just his underwear and sitting next to Olivia and Aurora. After all, wearing no pants is an accepted annual January event on many subway systems.

  17. It suppose to be dressing rules to board planes, In becoming to the point that people wants to make anything they would like to do, respect to the others is important

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