OnlyFans Model Denied Boarding For Skimpy Attire At Airport In Brazil

Kine-Chan, an OnlyFans model (this is her Instagram not her OnlyFans page), was denied boarding while leaving Navegantes in southern Brazil. She was wearing a costume resembling Rebecca from Netflix’s Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. That is apparently a thing.

She was running late for an event – odd, since she was taking the flight she’d booked for herself, but I suppose she was planning to cut it close! – the 21 year old wore the outfit she needed to have on for her arrival. It was… a black bikini, and teal hair.

I tried to board the Seafarers Airport dressed as Rebecca’s cosplay for an event. I knew I could be late so I got dressed so I didn’t waste any time and get straight to my there. But I was instructed to go home and change clothes because what I was wearing was not “appropriate.” ”
Since I explained that I was going to an event.

Former Miss America Olivia Culpo was told by American Airlines to cover up in order to fly and her outfit was pretty much what you see on the street every day.

I don’t take this outfit to be what people usually pay for on OnlyFans (but then again maybe?). It does seem inappropriate for transportation in public.

When I was a kid, I used to have to dress up (jacket and tie!) when flying from New York to California and back. This was in the early 80s. We don’t do that anymore, and it’s probably for the best! It’s hard to articulate standards for exactly where the line is, but this case shows that Potter Stewart wasn’t actually wrong.

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  1. …and it’s not sexist. If a guy came dressed like that, he should be denied boarding as well.Th

  2. I wonder about these people and whether they consider airline seats chaffing a turn on or something

  3. Glad she was banned. Too many “influencers” trying to shock to generate interest in themselves.

  4. I’m usually very much on Team Wear What You Want and have found pretty much every other case of denied boarding due to wardrobe to be puritanical, but this one, yeah, swimwear isn’t appropriate for flying, and that doesn’t change with a colored wig.

  5. A so-called “influencer” is just an individual that is too lazy or uneducated to get a real job. We live in a time when “class” is spelled with a capital “K”. She is the definition of bimbo.

  6. @WileyDog: “Influencing” is exactly the same as being a professional sports player. It’s entirely useless from a practical perspective, piles of people aspire to be one but almost none who try are successful at it, the lucky few (who all work very hard at it) can be extremely successful at it.

    Now, if you share the same perspective about professional athletes, sure. If you view “influencers” as different than pro athletes you’re just being sexiest.

  7. @BillyBob: I don’t think anyone is worried whether they are “skinny enough” for someone named “BillyBob”.

  8. @Chris Raehl

    Professional athletes have actually spent years and years honing their skills and keeping their bodies in shape to compete. So-called “influencers” wake up one morning and decide that’s what they are going to call themselves. Then they simply do something really stupid to build a name for themselves. To equate the two is naive at best and moronic at worst.

  9. @Chris Raehl
    Wow, “Influencing” is not even close to the same as being a professional sports player. Professional sports players hone their bodies and skills over many years to compete. Influencers have no discernible skills but are simply narcissists who do silly, dangerous or stupid things to attract attention to themselves.

  10. Yes Chris, my actual name is Billy Bingadoozy Bobarinno, shortened to Billy Bob. It’s much simpler, wouldn’t you say?
    And the ‘influencer’? She’s healthy, isn’t she? Well planted. Big-boned. Thick-set. Sturdy, even.

  11. “She’s healthy, isn’t she? Well planted. Big-boned. Thick-set. Sturdy, even.”

    Sounds like you’re describing a steer, Billy Bob. Weeee doggy!!!

  12. Mostly with these stories, I’m amazed anyone wants their bare skin in contact with an airline seat. We’ve all seen the stories about airlines not cleaning up various bodily fluid spills, or even just plain old beverage or food spills. Which is why my usual flying “uniform” is a pair of khakis, with a plain t-shirt and a long-sleeved over-shirt, and if room allows, there’s an emergency change of clothes in my carry-on.

    This one is really OTT, though. She could have easily worn a little shift dress over that costume if she was worried about being on time for her con. She had to have known that outside of a con, that outfit would raise a few eyebrows.

    Oh well, no such thing as bad publicity, I suppose. She probably got followers from this story.

  13. Every time I see people show up for a flight dressed in pajamas, open toed flip flops, etc., I realize that these people are the ones that are gonna die if anything happens. If we have to use the slides, they will be injured, if nothing else but burns from the friction generated during the jump. American, for a change, stood up for everyone else aboard and sent her back to put on clothes. Like many heterosexual males, I like to see a lovely lady, this one…eh…trailer trash. Send her to Greyhound. I agree with Chasmosaur, this was a publicity stunt….”see how far I can push this”. Too bad American didn’t charge her for the ticket change!

  14. I certainly wouldn’t want to be dressed like that on an airplane and I agree she certainly could have thrown something over it. However, I think her right to choose what to wear exceeds other’s right to object to what she’s wearing. I see attire to be a form of speech–deserving of all the protections granted to speech.

  15. Look, I admit it…the internet is great for booking airline tickets and looking up the name of the guy who played Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction…but it’s out of hand now. This was a publicity stunt as others have suggested.

    Influencer? Of what??? No lie…right now if she was giving it away for free on the world wide web…I’ll happily take a pass.

  16. I agree with bhcompy. Too much skin on airplane seats. Gross. Even if she took a shower prior to leaving for the airport. She was either being stupid or doing it on purpose. Assuming her reasons were legit (late, going straight to venue upon arrival) she could have still worn her black bikini outfit but wear some loose-fitting outer clothes to cover up that outfit (and all the skin).

  17. “She was running late for an event – odd, since she was taking the flight she’d booked for herself, but I suppose she was planning to cut it close! – the 21 year old wore the outfit she needed to have on for her arrival.”

    You know, on further consideration, looks to me she was headed to a rave.

  18. @ Gene. Have not seen the word “skanks” in years. Can you still say that without being sexist?

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