Not Guilty: Passenger Too Drunk To Be Responsible For Assaulting Flight Attendants. [Roundup]

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  1. The world has really become a shit place. No reason this excuse is enough and then he rubs it in. The wealthy really are despicable. Too rich to be prosecuted like the drunk teen in Texas caught in Mexico with mommy.

  2. Re: Passenger too Drunk

    Hopefully that wouldn’t fly (ha) over here in the US, but you never know. I find it difficult to believe he didn’t know that combining ambien and alcohol could cause issues. But all I know is my CVS pharmacy has a big warning label on the prescription bottle clearly stating NO ALCOHOL. But perhaps UK is different?
    Either way, I think it’s not good that you can get drunk and assault people and get away with it. But I wasn’t on that jury.

  3. Interesting story about the proposed airport jet fuel tank farm. Sorry, but these things always leak something..
    For decades there used to be a gasoline tank farm in East Austin that literally killed the neighbors. These things are not safe. If the airport can’t grow anymore without killing people (I wonder what the constant pollution from the jets is doing to the neighbors) too bad. Move it farther away. The people were their first…..

  4. So wouldn’t a drunk driver then be able to argue that they were too drunk to know they shouldn’t drive? Logically anyone way over the legal limit is too drunk to make good judgement calls.

  5. Controller was right. AA pilot messed up. Told to hold at Q and then denied Controller told him to. Do pilots have to answer to FAA for messing up?

  6. Caution: Don’t use Ambien if you have consumed massive amounts of alcohol. May cause head-butting and flight attendant grappling.

  7. Angela, you are absolutely correct. It’s called the felony murder rule. Within that rule, the law is that if one becomes intoxicated voluntarily, subsequent actions are deemed to have intent. If one becomes intoxicated involuntarily, subsequent actions are deemed to not have intent.

    Ray, certainly this guy got out of something because he’s rich but are ALL wealthy people despicable? Are all people from the South stupid? Are all people from the Northeast communists? Are all Black people this or that? How would you characterize a wealthy person who volunteers with terminally ill patients and who will leave her/his entire estate to charity? Despicable? Lose the chip.

  8. Good thing William Clegg is not in America or is a Minority..or poor he would be in JAIL….


  9. It’s a valid argument and correct decision. If people know they get a bad way when drunk, they should restrict drinking in public. This is true. However, people shouldn’t be blamed for not being aware of something they never experienced. It’s reasonable to believe people who are afraid to fly take a sleeping pill and drink a little alcohol and don’t know the possibility of having a bad reaction. When suffering from the effects, they are not capable of thinking rationally and correctly interpreting a situation. They don’t know what is going on while confined in a tight space. These are not criminals. They are not people who meant any harm. They think someone is hitting and harming them like someone who was sedated with fentanyl who wakes up on a vent in the icu. They are in a temporary state of delirium.

    Prosecuting these people does nothing to make the community safer. It only makes those prosecuted a victim of the injustice system. They had no malice and no criminal intent. It’s not justice to prosecute them.

  10. @tomri

    I think you are ignoring the thousands of predominantly Blacks and non white Latinos being released with no bail set in NYC every month after committing witnessed violent attacks, arson, carjackings, and robberies.

    It’s this group that gets special treatment and is privileged. They can loot entire neighborhoods and burn down businesses and not be stopped but White people who walk into a building to protest are treated severely.

    This was the right decision. The man experienced a medical episode due to a bad reaction. He didn’t intend to harm anyone. He was not in control of his facilities. It’s cruel and unusual to convict him over something he didn’t know he was doing. There was no evidence he was a habitual drunk or abuser. People take medication before flying and drink to calm their nerves. I don’t drink nor do I take any pills but I did used to be afraid of flying when young. I grew out of it. Some don’t. The government should go after illegals and violent thugs in cities. It shouldn’t go after those who had a medical episode.

  11. Everyone, Jackson Waterson has previously expressly stated a position in favor of Nazism. His other comments are consistent with that position. Assess his comments with that context.

    Moreover, he writes with the affect of a macaroni. (Look that one up.)

  12. @JacksonWaterson is correct. Minorities have enjoyed “privileged status” for some time now, as evidenced by everything from affirmative action quotas at universities to special “hate crime” protections. Had a MAGA hat wearing white man breached the cockpit of that AA plane at a USA airport he would have been hung from the gallows by now.

  13. The article in play was about a drunk rich white guy who got off. Stick to the story. Do you suffer from ADHD? By the way, how do you feel about Jews and Catholics? (Assume they’re white.)

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