Barely Dressed Woman Meanders Through Security At The Miami Airport

People don’t dress up to fly the way they used to. And at airports in South Florida sometimes they barely dress up at all.

What’s remarkable is that in Miami this isn’t unusual. Here’s a photo from last year and the best isn’t that passengers are just casually checking in wearing swimsuits. It’s the nonchalant expressions on the American Airlines agents’ faces. Click the tweet for full photo.

And to think that last year American told a former Miss Universe that her athleisure wear wouldn’t fly as attire? But Miami is just different. It’s outside of the three mile limit. From reality.

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  1. I’m afraid to ask what she thinks “take off” means.

    (I’ll be here all week. Tip the waitresses.)

  2. Well, at least the ol’ girl isn’t FAT. If she hadn’t bent over, she would have been just another female in a mini-dress.

  3. Long as there not doing anything wrong. They should be able to fly. Flying alway been like a fashion show.

  4. Hahaha this is hilarious i wouldn’t be seen in anything like that now I’m to old now, but if i was younger maybe i would but cover myself up at the terminal

  5. As a former flight attendant based in Miami, I watched a big black SUV pull up to the departures area out of which 5 young women appeared in very small bikinis. Some actually had a cover-up, made of fishnet, which covered zilch. They grabbed their roll-aboards and sauntered into the terminal. I think alcohol was somehow a part of their thinking this was a good idea.

  6. I’ve seen those kind of bikini wearers eating at restaurants on Miami Beach. I find it unsanitary—who wants to sit where they’ve been sitting?!,

  7. Are the women ok? Travelling with inappropriate clothing or clothing lacking can be a sign of human trafficking. 🙁

  8. On my first flight in 1950 my parents dressed me in a suit, tie and freshly polished shoes. Times have changed.

  9. To be honest, regardless of how cold it is, when I go through the airport security, I wear a Tshirt and soccer shorts, and change after. Since doing this I am no longer patted down or detained. I get why people do this.

  10. People should respect themselves and others. Little should not be exposed to pornography at young ages. This person does not respect others who do not wish to see her nudity. There is a place and time far all things and this is not the place to expose yourself. People like myself do not want to see this kind of exposure in a public place. This is what encourages rape and criminal activity. Dress appropriately and do yourself a favor.

  11. Who card it’s Florida it’s normal she is covering her private area so it’s not a crime I seen women is gas stations with bikinis on purchasing gas again in restaurants on the beach it’s climate change

  12. Oh Sally you think the human body is pornography? There was no sexual acts being committed. I truly feel sorry for repressed people who live in self loathing and shame.

    I bet Sally is perfectly cool with all manner of guns and violence though. We’ve allowed religion to warp us beyond salvation now. True irony

  13. Sally needs to realize there’s a whole world out there she’ll never experience because of how small she keeps her own reality.
    This is not pornographic. The woman is honestly probably trashed, but she didn’t hurt anyone.

  14. Women in swimsuits or men shirtless in their trunks should be nothing unusual in Miami or similar tropical areas, or elsewhere when the weather is sunny and hot.

    It does not mean people are having sex.

    It should not be worth mentioning at the airport except perhaps to politely request that passengers should wear a shirt or blouse with shorts or pants or a skirt i.e. some basic body covering when boarding the plane and sitting on cloth seats next to other passengers.

  15. I’m a flight attendant for Delta amd i have seen it all! Yes. People used to dressed very nice like they are giing to church or a wedding. And these people would be the first to ask for a blanket when on the airplane cause they are cold!

  16. Those two *ladies* in the swimsuits are why I always fly first or business class, even though it’s not easy on the pocket book. I love a woman in abikini as much as any dude, but not on a crowded airplane….

  17. This might be a case of concealed carry? I mean; perfect distraction of what is obviously a shoe bomber (I think we can rule out underwear bomber)

  18. Everyone needs to relax, let them be. If they aren’t hurting anyone or themselves then what is the issue? I’m sure you have a million other things to judge, perhaps one of them should be yourself. Life is too short. Live and let live.

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