Man Raids Luggage At Miami Airport Baggage Claim, Tries On Stolen Shoes And Clothing

A man at the Miami airport was filmed going through unclaimed bags and actually trying on shoes and clothing inside to see what fit. Normally you’d expect someone to steal the bag, take it off airport, and open it up to check out their loot away from watchful eyes?

Instead this man is just sitting at baggage claim, going through four pieces of luggage. He tosses aside a purse, then finds pants only to discover they’re too small for him. No one stopped him, and I guess it’s just the kind of out of sample behavior anywhere else that’s normal at the Miami airport?

At the Miami airport a barely dressed woman meandered through security, a passenger attacked a gate agent (and again), and multiple fights broke out while everyone just filmed. And those are just sort of normal there.

Still, stolen luggage out in the open isn’t that uncommon. At the Atlanta airport a man tracked down their lost luggage with an Airtag on it, and found a homeless man wearing his clothes. He yelled, “You Have My Shirt On!” when confronting the man.

Meanwhile former Biden administration nuclear official and serial luggage thief Sam Brinton has avoided jail in two criminal cases.

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  1. in these times, it’s not worth doing the right thing to confront the person. you or your family (or even people around you) can get injured. or someone can catch the wrong view point and you could be publicly shamed as a racist. the only real option is what was seen here of capturing it on video and then reporting it to the proper authorities.

  2. Is there NO security at MIA? Seriously? No one from the airline? We as a society have turned such a blind eye to lawlessness that anything goes. But it’s not a caring society. It’s not an enlightened society. We’re lawless and uncivilized.

  3. Fortunately I have been to Miami airport only two times but I suspect that a lot of airports could have this problem if they don’t care about security or are being cheap on hiring enough security.

  4. Soft on crime red state governor is too busy running for President (where he’s about to lose anyway) and spending time on political stunts like sending planes to Texas to move asylum seekers, he has no time to address issues on his home turf (other than attacking his state’s largest employer of course).

    With the third highest number of homeless in the country, 5th highest healthcare uninsured rate in the county, highest car insurance rates in the county, and overall least affordable state when costs are factored against wages, he’s failed his people miseraby, including this man who clearly needs some help.

  5. Right Uncle Jeff, and remember too that he doesn’t care about climate change even though it will put a lot of the state underwater…after more extreme hurricanes blow it away, of course. But he gets the votes, him and that obese orange thug.

  6. Confronting such people isn’t safe and is best left to security. And other than TSA (who aren’t going to leave their posts) good luck finding security people.

  7. Uncle Jeff, I wonder why Florida is in the top 3 fastest growing states in the nation? Also when did the governor fly asylum seekers to Texas? Also what “county” are you talking about?

  8. @Uncle Jeff while I’m not a fan of political stunts vs calculated and informed strategy, let’s take into consideration why there is a high uninsured rate. Undocumented folks are unlikely to have insurance. That goes for health and auto. Insurance premiums are high because of natural disasters. Flood insurance is not required in all areas. There is a whole lot of common sense cause and effect. Factually, certain areas are overwhelmed with border issues and need help. I don’t agree with their execution of theatrics. I’ve spent time talking to the homeless and volunteering in Miami. Many have migrated there from colder places to survive. And, that makes sense. We can judge, but places like TX and FL do need resources.

  9. If someone had done the right thing, gone over there and kicked the sh*t out of that guy like he deserves, maybe he would think twice before doing it again. But that’s not the world we live in today. Once upon a time that sh*tbird would have been given the beating of his life and tossed in a dumpster. Now he just gets counseling and understanding and maybe some taxpayer-funded benefits. He needs a free flight about 30 miles offshore and tossed out at 5,000 feet.

  10. @Uncle Jeff

    The failures you listed are because of blue city mayor failures. The war on police the open borders policies.

    Flying illegals out of Texas is not a stunt it’s the only way to keep the border cities from collapsing all because of the open border policies of the left

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