American Airlines Passengers Revolt Before Miami – New York Flight

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  1. It will be great when the single gate agents have an angry mob of passengers in front of them
    They can thank Dawg Parker

  2. This has nothing to do with Doug.

    This has to do with unruly passengers. No gate agent should have to put up with that period.

    Flights cancel, flights get overbooked. People don’t have to act like a mob.

  3. Re: vaccination pins. It’s like the “I voted” stickers or wearing masks outside. Gotta virtue signal somehow and passive aggressive way to shame people you look down on.

  4. I think our most recent batch of politicians is to blame for much of the rebellious attitudes we’re seeing today. No respect for any authority or rules.

  5. I don’t want to know what diseases you have had or vaccinations or medications you have taken. and it hasn’t been done for any other disease. Why should it start now?

  6. I wonder if I can get a United pin that says “Safe from Covid with Hepa Filtration” 🙂 Seriously I assume they don’t have to wear a mask if they have the pin on?

  7. @Jerry

    I’m sure you’re fine with American flag pins that politicians wear though. Nothing says virtue signaling better than a cheap piece of metal attached to your clothing.

  8. And Gary/VFTW continue their inexorable and pathetic slide toward Jerry Springer status.

  9. @Jerry, similar behavior & attitudes can be seen by observing those wearing MAGA caps.

  10. @KidStarA – agreed. However just an observation of MAGA hat wearers/ trump cult, it seems MAGA hats/trump supporters mostly try to signal a general disdain for government and the status of America (obviously there are many exceptions) vs the virtue signaling of the left (masks, bragging about being vaccinated, bloviating about white privilege, etc.) which seems to be an overall disdain for everyday people they deem to be “less elite” than themselves and trying to prove to others that they are virtuous. Hard to see how America remains “United”. Unity and democracy is just a mirage being fed to the masses at this point, and unfortunately tribalism is taking over.

  11. To the Masked poster. Maybe you are forgetting we now have a Democrat in office. Your analogy is ridiculous. This has been ongoing for years and is only worse now due to too many uneducated people flying many of whom have never flown before.

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