Another Karen Melts Down At The Airport

In a video going viral in social media, an American Airlines passenger being confronted by law enforcement demands to see “the manager of the airport!”

She looks around and screams, “who saw him choke me to the ground?” and “he took hold of me to the ground!” While another passenger says “I saw you run through the door when you weren’t supposed to.”

Language in this video is very much ‘NSFW’ so fortunately many of you are still working from home. However language is not safe for kids doing Zoom School, either, so consider that before pressing play.


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♬ original sound – Kevin Durio

The woman says her name is Teri Ann, but we all know her as Karen for thinking appealing a law enforcement issue to the manager is the best path forward.

Kevin Durio, who posted the video to TikTok, identifies the incident as having taken place at the Indianapolis airport but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

(HT: @unaccompflyer)

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  1. It would be interesting to hear the woman’s side of the story. I am sorry, but if someone choke-wrestled me to the ground, I would be screaming for a manager as well. Who knows what happened before this video was filmed. Before we are so quick to internet-shame this woman, we should have all the details.

    I hate it when the term “Karen” gets thrown around. It seems to be the catch-all phrase being used to slam women these days. Where is the catchy label for the latest groups of people brawling at Miami International Airport?

  2. She wasn’t choked to the ground. She is just privileged white woman venting her own distress at her idiocy. Tired of seeing this behavior in Americans. They are an embarrassment to this country.

  3. Robert Kasher: How do you know she wasn’t choked to the ground? Because she is white? Because she is a woman? Because she is middle-aged? I haven’t seen any other details or videos on what happened before this footage was filmed.

  4. Can you imagine security throwing someone to the ground, of any race or sex, and everyone at the gate remaining seated? Their body language is languid.

  5. What was her name? Did the drunk lady really say her name is Teri Ann Booze?
    And yes, this Karen of the week trash by Gary.

  6. I am just glad this didn’t take place in MIA… we’ve met our quota for the year.

  7. @ “Karen”

    If she was choked to the ground by a police officer she wouldn’t be able to be up and talking about it.

  8. Finally an entitled Karen again to add back some diversity after we went though several weeks of violent Shaniqua’s such as those fighting in Miami airport.

  9. If this “lady” was brought to the ground as she claims, she would be in handcuffs and being lead away. As a retired law enforcement officer, if we had to bring someone to the ground, they were under arrest.

  10. If she were really choked to the ground, there would be somebody – anybody – coming to her defense, especially in a post-George Floyd world. But they’re all just quietly sitting there.

    Also, if the officer had felt the “need” to choke her to the ground, he wouldn’t be letting her wander around like that. She’d be in handcuffs and/or remaining on the ground.

    (I agree with other posters who think this is DFW. It’s on the luggage cart in the foreground.)

  11. As others noted, in today’s world any number of people would come to her defense if she was being wronged.

    It’s not often that (MULTIPLE!) people in the video tell her off and/or tell her “you got what you deserved”.

    They saw the whole thing with their own eyes, and clearly they had already made their minds before the video even started.

  12. Loving this new Biden administration of “healing” and “unity”!! I Can just feel the love this new regime has brought oozing out of the video and these comments.

  13. This is why airports have security cameras everywhere. They’ll show what happened….

  14. @Joe – how’s it like being a cuck and seeing your wife get railed by a properly hung guy (given your micro penis issues and all)?

  15. @karen. Totally agree. The woman is freaking out I don’t know what the issue is but this term Karen is getting really old. It’s a racist term Gary whether you wanna admit it or not. Where is the catchy term for all the thuggery out of Miami lately? Oh that’s right there isn’t one because we can’t say that.

  16. Stop acting like a “Merchant”with your anti-White Karen racial epithets

  17. @ Joe. Wow, there must be more to this but you definitely know how to trigger UA-NYC. You sent him/her (although I doubt a female would have such a lame response) to the fetal position.

  18. She looks and sounds like your typical dumb democrat that likes to flood hotel rooms.


    @”Robert J Kasher”
    People who believe in the concept of so called “white privilege” usually suffer from extreme race and success envy.

  19. @Joe – must be hard to look in the mirror each day…all your false idol leaders are done (T****) or outed (Q, not a thing), you have a dead-end job…and oh yeah, that whole micro-penis issue. Sucks to be you.

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