American Begins Expanding Flagship First Dining to ConciergeKey Members

ConciergeKey is American’s revenue-based top level, given to very high revenue customers and those who influence significant business for the airline.

They got priority for upgrades and other waitlists and have myriad other benefits including use of the airline’s business class Flagship lounges when flying domestically and now are being given tokens to visit American’s exclusive Flagship First Dining, too.

American’s Outstanding Flagship First Dining Lounges

American’s Flagship First Dining is the best lounge offering in the United States. I used to argue that distinction went to the Qantas first class lounge at LAX, but all three American spaces open so far are more peaceful and JFK especially but also the others have better views too.

Flagship First Dining New York JFK

The major shortcoming is that few people have access. That’s nice for those who have access but it’s 3-cabin American Airlines first class passengers only (although at JFK Cathay Pacific’s first class passengers have access) and very few American Airlines flights have three class First.

Miami Corn Chowder With Corn Fritters

ConciergeKey Members Are Being Invited to Try First Dining

I’ve wondered how on earth it makes sense for American to keep this open in Miami with just a couple of flights where passengers have access (and those flights may not be full of paying passengers, and even if they are those passengers may not arrive at the airport early enough for a meal). I figure American either needed to end the offering or expand it.

Looks like American has started to expand it, inviting ConciergeKey members to experience it.

Next time you visit the Flagship® Lounge, enjoy our new Flagship® First Dining experience — even when you’re not flying in Flagship® First.

As a ConciergeKeySM member, we’ve deposited 2 complimentary Flagship® First Dining visits into your American Airlines AAdvantage® account.

ConciergeKey members are receiving an email notifying them of the invitation to visit Flagship First Dining, and their visit passes are valid through January 31, 2019.

Miami Flan

Each visit includes access for “immediate family (spouse, domestic partner and/or children under 18) or up to 2 guests.” Unfortunately they cannot be transferred (you aren’t likely to find these on eBay) and the guests must be flying American or oneworld partners same day.

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  1. Wish United did this with Polaris and Global Services, but undercrowding isn’t exactly a problem there.

  2. Hmm hope this doesn’t result in the dining rooms filling up now. I got a F flight coming up next week where I will be dining there and don’t want to have to deal with a sudden crowd.

  3. But we only got two passes and it was not lost on me that LHR was excluded….
    Won’t be an international benefit for me as I pay for my First class seats BUT… I might use it at LAX on a domestic flight. Not likely though, I next to never transit via LAX on a domestic routing, usually DFW and that lounge is 18 months away.
    Overcrowding concerns? I’m not that worried. I see very few other — two so far –CK members on flights unless they are flying under the radar.

  4. All of the overhead and other costs of FFD would seem to hurt the profitability of first class since there are so few seats those costs can be allocated to. The Flagship lounge at ORD is saving space for FFD in case AA ever has flights with first class departing ORD. One flight with only eight first class seats would be enough to cause AA to open the space and offer full FFD services for that one flight. What a waste of space and the cost per seat would be enormous. Will FFD lead AA to eliminate international first class like DL?

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