American Finally Found Their Luggage. Then The Delivery Service Stole It.

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  1. 45 should be so lucky to have intelligent, hard working, well respected, blending in with the regular people, kids. Instead he raised children of satan.

  2. Do I expect Northern Pacific to survive long-term? No. Will I do everything I can to try and fly them? Absolutely.

  3. Did not realize this blog was now also a chronicler of public figure sighting. Good grief.

  4. @koggerj – Yep. President tRump. And his kids are still grifting cretins, snowflake.

  5. @Ray – Don’t know what your definition of “regular people” is, but I doubt it includes getting into Harvard, getting internships in Hollywood, working for Harvey Weinstein, working at the US Embassy in Madrid, and working for Donald Glover after graduation while dating the son of a top British investment banker.

    Maybe she would have accomplished that if she were Malia Smith from Podunk, Iowa, but I’m thinking she’s had some skids greased for her based on who her father is.

  6. Hertz trolling for more victims?
    Sure, start your post graduate career with a false arrest!

  7. Lyin’ Ted, Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb, Sleepy Joe; Douchebag Donnie had a nickname for everyone (who disagreed with him).

    He’s stupid, nasty, compulsive lying, corrupt, racist, misogynist, hypocritical, con-man, grifter, moron. He so completely disrespected the office so that he deserves zero respect. He’ll always be Donnie Douchebag. For those who insist on “President …”, try President Douchebag.

    His supporters are every bit the stupid moron(s) and racist(s) he is. He said it himself “I love the poorly educated!”

  8. @Honest Abe

    He was and still is better than Joe Biden and B Hussein Obama.
    Worst presidents since carter.
    Democrats are more of a threat to this nation than Isis.

  9. @Babblespeak

    You libtards are extra salty now that you can’t murder your unborn children anymore.

  10. Let’s stop this race to the bottom. It’s been None Of The Above for some time now.

    Could we please stop with the old people of either party? No one over 70, including George Washington, himself. Who was 67 when he died. Hell, FDR was 63 when he died.

    And FWIW, no, reversing Roe does not make abortion illegal in the US. Never have I seen so many “experts” get it wrong. Even if you could get a national law through a Senate filibuster, it would like be struck down as not being a federal issue. Complete and total idiots on both sides of the aisle.

  11. Koggerj: There you go again, alternative facts. According to EVERY survey about historical rankings of presidents, Douchebag Don the Con is ALWAYS in the fourth quartile. Obama is always in the first or second quartile, Biden isn’t ranked yet. Recent Democratic presidents all rank higher than recent Republican Presidents.

    We may be extra salty but we can never be as hate-filled, nasty, racist, criminal and stupid as the MagaTurds. (Maga of course means “easily fooled idiot” in another language.) You’re pissed off because your lying adulterous serial sexual assaulter hero LOST … big time. It was a landslide.

    Personally attack all you like, you can’t win a genuine debate of the issues so you have to resort to personal attacks (just like Douchebag Donnie) and your personal attacks confirm that. In my business I learned to never argue with drunks, I’ve extended it to not feeding trolls and not debating with delusional gullible moronic pea-brained zealots.

  12. A former president’s daughter goes on an airplane- this is news? (And refers to an article that’s full of misinformation, including that she graduated from Stanford when of course it was Harvard).
    And of course reversing Roe does not make abortions go away, that’s just a fantasy. There were abortions before Roe, there will be abortions after Roe.

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