American Offering TARGETED Elite Fast Track and Double Miles

American is running a targeted offer of an elite fast track that makes even Executive Platinum somewhat easy to obtain along with double miles. I don’t know how broadly targeted it is, the person who received this is an occasional American flyer — three or four trips a year — and was once an AAdvantage Gold.

Registration is open through May 11. Offer terms and conditions are here. Elite status earned under the promotion is valid through February, 2013 — not through February 2014 which is what you’d get flying the normal required miles during calendar 2012. Interesting that the elite fast track is based on miles rather than the tougher qualifying points (which penalize cheaper fares and bonus premium cabin fares).

This is a targeted promotion though of course you may well have been targeted, check your email box. You can try to register with promo code HVC3C. But don’t count on getting the offer if you didn’t receive the e-mail.

Update: Apparently, judging from the comments, my capitalizing ‘targeted’ in the title, beginning the post “American is running a targeted offer” and ending with a bolding of ‘targeted’ and saying “don’t count on getting the offer if you didn’t receive the e-mail” wasn’t clear enough. 🙂

American will generally let anyone register for anything and will send a confirmation email. The front-end registration process doesn’t check eligibility. American will run the list later against those who were supposed to receive an offer. If you weren’t targeted, it’s highly unlikely you will receive the benefits of the offer. Check your email, though, to see if you’ve been targeted!

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  1. I entered the number and it said I was registered without an error. Should I assume I am good to go?


  2. While I did not receive the targeted email, it did let me register. Who knows if it will actually apply though.

  3. Same here — registered without an issue (have a screenshot and got confirmation e-mail). Makes me wonder if these will actually hold up.

  4. Same for me; no email, but the registration (and confirmation email) went through… hmmm… how to confirm this before booking AA mileage runs, I wonder.

  5. Every American Airlines promotion allows you to register whether you’re eligible or not; the eligibility checking is done much later. Normally, those who are not eligible do not receive the benefits.

  6. American had a similar fast track promotion back in February.

    At the time, I asked someone at AA about it and they told me that anytime someone registered for a promotion that the person would receive a registration confirmation, but that it wasn’t the same thing as confirming qualification.

    With the February promotion, they were verifying every registration. I suspect that it’s the same with this.

  7. I, too, was able to register for the promotion even though I did not receive the targeted offer.

  8. Would the 12500 for Platinum qualifying be actual miles flown or would the double mileage count, thus reducing it to 6250?

  9. Same as others – didn’t receive email, but was able to register for the promo. If anyone gets confirmation or figures out how to be sure, let us know!

  10. @thomas, received confirmation email but if what aadvantagegeek wrote holds, I’d hold off making mileage runs unless I’m closing in on the required miles.

  11. FOLKS! 🙂

    I put “TARGETED” in all caps in the subject line.

    The post began, “American is running a targeted offer”

    And it concluded with ‘targeted’ BOLDED.

    Just because you register does NOT mean you will get this….

  12. I wasn’t targeted, but I was able to register both myself and my wife – both received emails titled “ Promotion Registration Confirmation” and saying:

    “Thank you for registering for the HVC3C promotion on

    For your reference, details of this offer can be found on under view all offers, or in the communication where you learned of this promotion.

    To earn the bonus miles or other incentives offered, be sure to meet all of the promotional requirements. For most promotions, activity that occurred prior to registration will not count toward qualification. In addition, please note the timeframe in which bonus miles or incentives will be awarded. These and other specific requirements are always included in the Terms and Conditions listed with the offer. Thank you for your participation.
    American Airlines”

    Not sure if status matters, but I’m currently plt

  13. Didn’t get the promotion e-mail, entered the code sucefully and got the confirmation e-mail. Am I good to go?

  14. Please read the post, just because you register does NOT mean you will get this.

    And read my COMMENT just a few replies up.

    I’ve put it in caps in the title, and bolded. This is TARGETED.

    ********* Registering on the website will not get you a promo that you were not targeted for. ******

  15. If you didn’t already know this program was in effect then it probably won’t work for you. And yet if you already knew it was in effect you wouldn’t benefit from this information. So what was the point of this post again? What it just a big joke? I guess I don’t get it.

  16. Just registered and instantly got an e-mail confirmation stating I was registered for the promotion.

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

  17. I registered too and got a confirmation email from Delta indicating I will get United 1K by flying 25000 miles on Southwest metal. Thanks Gary. 🙂

  18. You guys this is a farce.
    Been here, Done this.

    No one is going to get this Promo just by signing up for it.

    AA is very clear that the Promo only applies to those who actually get the email.

    If you did NOT get the actual email, please READ MY WORDS.

    You will NOT get this promo.

    There are two codes on your account, one which AAdvantage puts initially when they send you the email, and one which gets noted when you register for the Promo. Unless, both codes are on there you will not benefit from the Targeted offer. Feel free to call AAdvantage if you don’t believe me.

  19. Given how AA usually names its offers, it seems a fair guess that the “HVC” in HVCAA, HVC2C and HVC3C stands for High Value Customer. Either that or they had to drop the “G” from Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

    Does your targetted friend fall into one of those categories, Gary, i.e. either a Hilton GVC member or someone who books her/his three or four annual AA flights in a premium cabin?

  20. Thanks, Gary. Maybe someone else will be able to shed light on AA’s criteria for targetting this offer.

  21. Bleh….I will be flying 25K during that time frame. I was excited to finally reach gold, but this stings LOL

  22. I got instant upgrade to Platinum (from Gold). I’d have preferred the option to go for Exec Plat, but I can’t complain to get something for nothing. Body of email from AA below…

    At American Airlines, we value your business and always want to be your first choice in air travel. That’s why we’re delighted to upgrade you to AAdvantage Platinum status through February 28, 2013. While we rarely waive the qualification criteria for this exclusive membership level, it’s apparent to us that you deserve this
    special recognition.

    We invite you to start enjoying the prestige and benefits of AAdvantage Platinum membership. Simply click the button below to log in to your account and upgrade your status by entering Promotion Code HVCPL before midnight (CDT) on May 11, 2012.*

  23. Thanks for posting this. I remember signing up for this promo when I got the email, knowing I was flying to Europe.

    Couldn’t remember the terms of the promo though.

    Got back day before yesterday and I am now platinum (from no status)!

    2 months to get enough for Exec, we’ll see?!

  24. I never received the invitation emails and registered anyway and got all the promotions. I have been making double miles and I made it to PLATINUM fasttrack.

    Great!!! 🙂

  25. THANKS! I went to their website and the code worked for me no problem. Thank you GARY!!

    Now I will need to follow up with them if I don’t get the promo.

    I made a screenshot of the boarding area offer in case there is a dispute.

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