American Sued for Losing Ashes After a Funeral, and US Airline Can’t Figure Out How to Paint a Plane

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  1. When the Qatar CEO complains about Airbus delaying his planes, it comes as no surprise to me, of the Allegiant’s issues with its new airplanes. Everyone in the airline industry knows that planes are hugely different even at the same airline.

    As far as Delta delaying A350, makes a lot of sense as the world economy is sliding into recession. With oil predicted to be lower cost for the foreseeable future, don’t buy what you don’t need yet.

  2. Way to go. More misleading headlines. It’s not that allegiant “Can’t Figure Out How To Paint A Plane,” as you allege. It’s that Airbus and G4 disagreed on how best to do it, as G4 understandably wants it’s livery to be uniform in appearance. I understand that truth and facts don’t generate the same click volume as smug deception, but come on. If you want to bash G4 for being cheap, that’s fair. But to state that they don’t know how to paint a plane is simply misleading.

  3. My knowledge of Allegiant is limited, but I completely disagree with the idea that Allegiant was in “over their heads” on the plane order. They’ve never much cared about their interiors, and there’s no real reason for them TO care. So when they needed to order new airplanes, they didn’t want to spend a lot of time and money outfitting their aircraft. Seems entirely reasonable and sensible to me. Heck, when Doug Parker took over AA, he’d didn’t really care what the paint job on the planes would look like and had the employees vote. If exteriors didn’t matter to AA, why would interiors be a big deal for Allegiant?

  4. I’ll give Allegiant credit for one thing in that article – props for putting better row number signage on their order. As a 6’1″ flyer, Airbus narrowbodies consistently require me to bend over to see the numbers – super annoying.

  5. More DL hate. Go ahead and criticize a profitable airline that has high customer service marks for delaying a, currently, bad idea purchase. I agree with @JohnB – why buy something that makes little sense?

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