American Will Start Cleaning Vents on All Their Planes

On Friday I wrote that flight attendants had shamed American will photos of dirty vents and as a result the airline would start cleaning the vents on Airbus A330 and A320 aircraft.

There’s even more good news to report. According to the flight attendants union in Friday’s APFA newsletter:

American Airlines will clean the vents on all of their aircraft. No word on the timeline to accomplish that, but it’s great progress that should be part of standard maintenance at any airline.

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  1. Why does it take flight attendants to shame AA to get them to clean their dirty air vents? I take out our trash regularly without having to be shamed into it, and it really doesn’t effect anyone but us, let alone thousands of AA customers who fly on their planes. US Corporate life these days………….ugh.

  2. What? How? Is it April Fools Day?
    Why American actually do maintenance on their aircraft?
    This is truly shocking
    Next you’ll tell me they will have a fair supply of saver award seats for redemption and bringing back customer service where agents will have empowerment to actually help customers
    I don’t believe anything positive can happen at American

  3. No wonder I am constantly coughing when I fly these planes. They have no problem charging for every little extra thing like seats, luggage, etc, etc, but when it comes to basic maintenance and the heath and safety of their employees and customers they could care less. Same thing goes for their 10 across seating in their 777’s. Just wait until there is an emergency and passengers get trapped in the plane because it’s nearly impossible to get out. This is 100% about greed.

  4. Hey Alan and Mark…… And I doubt They Miss You. period If You don’t like AA….. don’t fly them and keep your commentary to Yourself

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