Right Now: Atlanta Airport Loses Power, Passengers Trapped and TSA Yelling

Via the Gate Atlanta’s airport is experiencing a significant power outage. Passengers are trapped on planes, as jetways can’t move. People are stuck on escalators, not allowed up or down. And TSA agents are yelling.

Power failed around 12:55 p.m. Eastern.

Georgia Power – which Delta falsely blamed for its own IT meltdown last summeris addressing the outage.

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  1. Not letting people walk up or down escalators that aren’t working is the most Atlanta thing ever.

  2. Karma. Between today plus 2 bad snow storms in ATL, DL is getting humbled. I’m really sorry for the stranded pax. But not at all sorry for DL. They’ve been jerks to their elites for 2+ years now.

  3. Never knew people at ATL could actually walk up or down the escalators!

    They always look at me like I’m crazy when I try to actually walk up or down the steps when I connect through ATL.

  4. How does the entire airport lose power due to a GPL problem? An airport of this size should have more than one electrical feed from more than one electrical station/substation. Unless power was lost way upstream, which may feed two or three independent circuits to the airport, the entire airport should not go dark.
    As for Cellular signal, I am curious if the cell towers can handle the surge in usage since airport WiFi is probably down and 5000-10,000 customers, probably more now, have nothing but time to kill wtg for power. Compounding that problem is that many airports have notoriously weak cell phone coverage, inadequate for internet surfing. Texting is suppose to be the most efficient communication method in this situation, voice is second, and 4G/internet surfing is dead last. Where is a pay phone when you need it?

  5. So if the hundreds of people stuck on escalators just all start walking down and exiting the escalators – what are the 2 or 3 TSA agents going to do?

    Really? Say “Stop! or I’ll yell STOP again!!”. I’d just get off and start walking.

  6. “People are stuck on escalators” Seriously? People can’t just walk off the escalator? Come on man use your commonsense.

  7. I’m scratching my head on the escalator issue. TSA has no jurisdiction over escalators. If anything, escalators would seem to be a safety matter unrelated to airport security.

  8. The gods struck back very quickly after DL said ONLY WEATHER would delay DL flights going forward!

  9. Stuck on the escalator? This is an April Fool’s joke in December, right? OK, I will play along. How long were they stuck on the elevator until someone discovered it is actually a stairway………

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